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I have a really big problem. I might be unemployed coming next week…

So… as I was leaving for work, I was checking my stuff and realized that there were two errors I committed while sending messages to my client. It really isn’t something big but depending on the circumstances, it could either make or break me.

The trivial mistake I did was putting the campaign name on the subject portion of my “email” instead of it’s proper summary detail (which was the title of the template email I was going to use for that client). That’s it. I didn’t miscompute fees, send the wrong details, attached the wrong file to the wrong customer, etc.

Just that, the subject title.

tumblr_mfxtr1ZIeO1rdzxg2o1_500But there’s a possibility my client might go off of me thinking that I might be incompetent. And that is not good. And our office is so meticulous that I’m not so sure how forgiving they are for mistakes…

And the thing that sucked was that, it was my first time sending out those kind of email and I had my other coworker beside me to scan everything was done correctly but then we still missed that little detail.



I’m so bothered by it that I feel like I’m not going to enjoy the rest of my weekend. *sigh*

I told my Mother already about it. She was cool about it. Told me mistakes happens and it’s inevitable. But man… I really hope they won’t fire me. I rather receive a memo but to get fired so early on is just so depressing and I don’t want that…

I don’t know anymore…

Oh well towel, at least it was still a learning experience for me and I enjoyed it while it lasted. I still want to be thankful for the blessings ❤



3 Responses to “Unemployed”

  1. I don’t if this will make you feel better or something but in corporate world, one mistake can actually make or break your career but as I see it, I guess they won’t fire you. They may give you a memo or warn you about it but that’s about it. So relax and just try to work and show them what you’ve got.

    • HAHA, I was just over reacting TBH. My previous work didn’t involve a lot of documentation so this is new to me. I was just stressing over nothing. When I told them about it, they didn’t even give an ass rat about it so thank god! Thank you for your advise tho! It was helpful and realistic :3

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