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“I can’t believe I’m getting married!” she beamed, her eyes smiling.

“But I’ve always thought you would walk down the aisle in a beautiful white dress…” His voice trailed off. A bit distant, a bit melancholic.

With me, beside you.



“Really? What I at least thought was you getting married before me!”

He smiled thoughtfully this time, for he knew he was too late for that.

“It doesn’t matter, you’re happy,” he moaned holding his bestfriend’s hand. But if whatever happens, remember, I did, I do and I will always love you.




For now, I’m letting you go…



– – –


It’s short. It’s angst-y. It’s cliché . But at least I nailed it! Another drabble after forever, OMFG!!!

TBH, I could’ve easily elaborated on this story. Give it a little more meat so at least it doesn’t feel so lacking but in all honestly, I actually like how everything was stringed together. The directness of the story but at the same time, there’s an expression of both happiness and regret portrayed by these two people in just a short moment, but with the consequence of eternity.

I got inspired to write this because of this prompt:


I also just realized that I didn’t even mention BoA or Yunho’s name! Wow! Then everybody can have a certain personification to stand in their place. Hihi!

Oh well, towel. Hope you like it :3

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Acceptance


3 Responses to “Acceptance”

  1. Yeah could have more meat – I’M a CARNIVORE!!!!! *laugh*- still it was so strong and cool!!!!! :)Sometimes less is better! ♥

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