Provincial Buses Ban

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Who ever is the brilliant fucktard behind the Provincial Bus Ban, I would like to meet you and sock your mouth personally…

Oh my fucking gawd! This asshole just made all of us from the South suffer a great deal of our everyday with this new change! It was a premature plan when they all of a sudden launched it. It’s beyond ridiculous and a bit dumb.


First of all, they tried to implement this stupid protocol when it’s the rainy season here in the Philippines. It’s one thing that we have to adjust with this fuckery but another to battle the fucking weather, too! Imagine all those people who are pregnant, disabled or from the elderly bracket… Poor people who have to go through with this shit when it could’ve been better for them to stick to what it has been the past decades…

Seriously… sometimes people don’t think long term or their only concern are those that only benefit them. Ugh! (and yes, I said it. woot for freedom of speech)


And haven’t they realized that people would have to unnecessarily have to shell out extra money just to get to places?! So inconvenient! Poor, poor students who will be affected by this (majority of the population TBH). It won’t be easy on them and all of us commoners working in Manila… The percentage of us commoners is too big compared to those well off people YET, we’re the ones who have to suffer?! Oh my gawd… This fucked up system is unimaginable… I hope they are listening because:


And another thing, stupid people did set up a terminal for those Provincial buses (maybe as an attempt to calm the population but pft! you can try again maybe…) but as expected, they failed to realize that the place was too small to accomodate everybody! The place was in chaos and everyday, there are people screaming at each other, fighting their right to be ahead of the (nonexistent) queue line. I won’t be surprised if one day, there will be a riot. I can feel it in my bones.

And despite that, they didn’t have the common sense to add more marshals to make sure everything’s at least a tad bit more organized.


But then that is to be expected… They wouldn’t give an ass rat about us and save the money for themselves instead of use it to hire people.

Lastly, fucking bastards does not realize that economically, everything depends on public transportations. How can they just fucking disregard that bit and concentrate on clearing the streets of Manila. Hello! I bet half the people working in Manila are from the Province but still, they opted for this ridiculous implementation?!

This is what I fucking call inconsideration. This is so short sighted. OMG.


I wish they didn’t have to do this anymore but since these people are full of themselves, it’s unlikely they will retract this preposterous quest to eliminate traffic. HAHA! Congratulations commoners! We are so fuuuuuucccckkkked ❤

But to the fucktard behind this:


I know my thoughts are everywhere but to summarize everything in one statement:



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