Graphic Artist for a Day

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More like for 4 hours really but whatevs. Let’s not get all technical, okay!


ANYWAY, earlier at work, in the middle of our shift, my manager called out for me. As I glanced their way, I saw all my superiors huddled together and I was literally spewing profanity inside my head, trying to rake my mind for anything I’ve possibly done wrong to be called out so randomly.

Obviously, I was stressing over nothing. AGAIN.


Apparently, one of the managers from a different department asked for an extra hand to help them with their work. They wanted to know if there’s somebody from our department who can help out with their Web Design / Graphic Design team and well… I think I am a little bit qualified for the job so my manager asked me about it immediately. This would be on Saturday. At least it’s in the afternoon so I can sleep in for a little bit. That’s still a little bit of extra cash even if I have to work on my day off so YES YES YES! Hihi!



But I am aware that I haven’t been updating a lot and I am bothered by it so I’ll take this opportunity to list down some of the stuff I’ve been meaning to talk about that way I won’t forget:

  • BoA’s 13th Year tribute post
  • Celebration of BoA’s 13th year anniversary in the music industry with my BoA PH friends
  • My recent conflict with this dude named Michael about work (he was being a total arse)
  • The disaster that befall our family after the Typhoon Maring.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about but I can’t remember them right now. Will settle for this for the meantime. HAHA!

Oh well, it’s almost 10pm! I gotta go to bed!



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