God is Good

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To be honest, this week has been very stressful. Actually starting last week, we’ve been having a lot of over time at work because we have to keep up with our workload. So I’ve been spending one extra hour each shift. I could’ve gone and work more than that but I live so far away from work that I just can’t be more ‘dedicated‘. It will compromise my travel time.


And oh! the weather hasn’t been cooperating either. It really is difficult.

So while all this was happening, last weekend, my Mom and I had a skype date with my sister. Just like that, we ended up planning for a Singapore trip next month. Why next month? Because it is coincidentally, SNSD’s concert month in Singapore!

OMFG! I might actually see my SNSD babies live in concert! A solo concert because of of the spur of the moment thingy!!!


And so, I’ve been busy coordinating with my travel agency (the same one that set up my trip to Thailand last April) and then scouring for any SNSD concert tickets still on sale!

You see, SNSD is so popular that the concert tickets were sold out almost immediately back in August! A month ago! And I was crazy enough to buy my ticket just last weekend?!

Insane right!


So I have instead resorted to purchasing my pass from the black market. But these guys are vicious and would sell the ticket almost double the price!!! It was depressing and I was really losing hope… And then my mom and sister kept on changing our flight details and I’ve been doing all this on top of my workload at the office and it was horrible.

One time, I was so dead tired coming home that I didn’t have the energy to eat dinner… That pathetic.


But without warning, I finally saw a gleam of hope in my miserable situation.

My mom finally took care of our plane tickets and was even able to convince my aunt to join us! And then somebody tweeted me to let me know that she has an extra moshpit ticket for sale… FOR THE ORIGINAL PRICE Y’ALL!!! And I thought I was already dying with feels when I got another unexpected message…

When I was in highschool, besides the bestfriend (aka MRS. MASCARDO), I have this special friendship with two other girls. Niña and Larissa.

Our barkada was awesome. I loved everybody and I was so attached with them. But then, everything started to fall apart between us. It was a wreck and that close bond we all shared dissolved right in front of me.


I remember always blogging about that moment in my old blog. How I literally shed tears when I felt I was the only one clinging to that friendship. Like constantly asking for their attention you know was nothing more but a futile attempt on my part…

You can’t even imagine that period for me… That’s why it is even more special that after all these years, 13 years later, I’m still good friends with Mrs. Mascardo.

(Eww, I’m supposed to talk shit about the bestfriend tho)

Anyway, I got a message from Niña earlier today. Niña and I, for some reason, had a really serious rift between us. All I can do was give up on our friendship because it was ‘that‘ bad. So that message she sent earlier, where she apologized for everything in the past was a huge shock.


I had a momentary shut down because it was too sudden and unexpected and I was so moved that I thought imma start crying at work and omg…

Today was just that eventful, okay…

So in conclusion, everything was crazy amazing today.

So yeah, SG ticket booked, snagged the best SNSD concert ticket for an original price (even gained a new friend!) and then had a reconciliation with my good ol’ friend :3

Let’s not forget that I’m also working a few extra hours so a little more money for me, too!

God is good!



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