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OMG, I swear, my being dysLEXIEc is nothing short but embarrassing.


So yeah, yeah… A long time ago, I self diagnosed myself and have concluded that I have mild dyslexia. I guess coz I’m an impulsive typer, writer and reader, I fail to completely read words at times. And more often than not, I end up referring to stuff wrongly.

Like a blatant example was that, I kept calling Percy Weasley “perfect” instead of a “prefect” when it doesn’t even make sense to begin with and it’s just so embarrassing, okay! I kept on with that for a whole solid 4 books I think.


And then just an hour ago, I was talking to my friend via Tumblr message center and I was trying to explain that around this time, we visit or loved ones at the cemetery as a tradition here in the Philippines.



You know what’s wrong here?

It’s actually the fact that I didn’t know cemetery was spelled CEMETERY until today! All these years… For 20 something years *cough* already, I’ve always thought it was CEMENTERY!!!!



And I just–



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