Was That Necessary?

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Today was not a good day after hearing a rather disturbing news last night. It was a story of betrayal saved for another day.


Anyway, so, running in a 4 hour sleep with a heavy heart, I just know that today would draaaaaaag. True enough, it was really exhausting.

So again, running on a 4 hour sleep, with a heavy heart and still working 10hrs on top of that (gawd, for two months now!), can you just imagine how terrible I feel inside?



So….. I was pretty much not talking like I used to at work and was very snotty. I’ve always been especially when I’m alone in a public place.

But cutting the story short. I was on my way home, standing inside the bus. It was crowded and annoying. I was even giving an attitude to the harmless bus conductor. But same conductor was just really nice to me. He kept on reminding me that I’m the only one getting off at Zeus so iuno what’s up with him but he just grabbed my hand and swept all the people outta my way so I can get down peacefully like… Was LITERALLY holding my hand really necessary?!


Lol, I’m not saying I disliked it. Heck, I could care less TBH but when I finally got off, it just hit me that that wasn’t a normal gesture from a total stranger.

Haha, that was funny. And actually, that dude was actually cute, too.

Hahaha! Gawd, my dumb is showing :3

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