Komikon 2013

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Oh my…

I still can’t believe I’ll be making my solo (indie) manga debut tomorrow!!! Kyah!!! It was like… A year of preparation and it’s finally here! I can’t.. This is just beyond incredible!


So last week, I got my Komikon badge and my ghad… There’s nothing more official than that, I swear ;A;



Or actually there is. When your freakin’ name is on the list of the official poster of Komikon! [I’m eyes2blues in case that’s not too obvious.]

882910_635431586509433_568058532_o 904124_10151751403401149_1169247028_o


It’s so awesome that I’m close to tears now. *sniff*

I’m so soooo grateful that my family and friends are all so supportive of me and my dream, that in a way, came into a reality. Aigoo!

Special thanks Zei and Zy for catering to my not-so-humble dream. Hihi! To my ever so supportive friends: Pchan and Ate Sao, thank you so much! And to Kuya Rex who promised to attend tomorrow’s event. Also to Sunlee who I’ll be meeting tomorrow for the first time! Kyah!

I need a special shoutout to my officemates who reserved their copies, too! Rose, Grace, Net, Wendi and Jeriel! To John who reserved 10 copies of my manga! He doesn’t even read manga but it didn’t matter. LOL! To those who I don’t talk to but liked/reblogged/shared this good news…


I honestly don’t know how I can mention everybody but I’m so soooo overwhelmed with feels right now.

In any case, I’ll be looking forward to seeing y’all tomorrow. Lookie at the map below so you know where you can see me:



Woot! Let’s make this a super memorable event! Love you all!

6 Responses to “Komikon 2013”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that I’m special mention here. I’m so thankful cause you made your debut during my birthday, in that case you will always remember my birthday! Your comics is so nice and fluffy! Haha, I so remember Jessica.

  2. Congratulation!!! ^^ I don’t really know what to say in this kind of situation, but I’m really happy for you!!!! Enjoy every moment and have fun!!! 😀

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