KOMIKON 2013 Aftermath

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I know this has been long overdue but I still feel giddy just remembering the event.


Okay. Not gonna lie. Not being able to sell all of my copies that day shocked me. I was deathly set that it will be sold out by the end of the day but I wasn’t even close to selling half of my bulk! But that’s besides the point :3

It was just really an amazing event in its entirety, I swear!


It’s such a great feeling to be finally able to have your own table at the Komikon event, with people checking out your work. I didn’t know what to expect so I know I was lacking with the BOOM effect but you kinda learn from past experiences. Next time, imma make it fabulous.

Although we were situated in a separate room, far from the main hall, it wasn’t that bad. It was pretty chill and steady. Saw familiar artists AND! I was with my artist friends! As always, Zei and Zy took a time off to support me and Kuya Dexter. HAHA! Kuya Dexter was like a celebrity during the event. And I wouldn’t doubt the power he brought with him as a founding member of Funny Komiks. A lot of poeple particularly visited him. I wanna be like him. HAHA!



And then, P-chan as well. This bissshhh met up with me Friday and despite having a ton of work the day before, still got into the venue so early in the morning to extend his support! He bought my manga, too (and Kuya Dexter! true friends <3). HAHA! He got there way before us to be honest and his continuous encouragement brings tears to my eyes. HAHA!


Kuya Rex came in unannounced. I was so shock when he showed up in front of me near the restroom. HAHA!!! Almost all my closest friends were there to support us so I was just really so happy!!! And then towards the late afternoon, I saw Amon lounging around the Indie Tiangge hall. Of course I called his attention. HAHA! haven’t seen this dude since forever! Not just him, I saw Abi after a century, too! I didn’t even recognize her at first when P-chan pulled her to our table. This girl changed quite a bit and she’s so pretty and more confident by the way she looks and she’s so rad! HAHA!!! We ended up talking a lot and took pictures together. Now, we follow each other on Tumblr coz of reasons. HAHA!!! I met her awesome friend Kring, too! OMG! these fabulous gurls are fabulous!

During the event, I also saw for the very first time my fellow SONE — Lee!!! Gawd, after a lot of mishap, we finally met! It was great! It’s safe to say that she’s my first RL SONE friend EVER. Some are just casual fans to be honest but yeah. Spent the day talking about her and the dorky girls of SNSD. We gotta see each other again! HAHA! I’m glad she enjoyed the company of my fellow artist friends.


Ah, and as if the cherry on top, WE SAW BUTA-CHAAAAANNNN!!! OMG! This girl is the sweetest ever! I didn’t expect to really see her and P-chan and I were spazzing coz BUTA. I love BUTA! How can you not love BUTA, I swear to god! We hugged and talked a lot! OMG… I was soooo happy to see her!!!

Ugh. And did I tell you that I went up to Karla and introduced myself? YES I DID! What kind of thick face am I if I’m not gonna do it, ayt? So yeah, I came to her to introduce myself apparently but then she knows me! SHE KNOWS ME! I didn’t need to do anything because she knows and it was such a wonderful feeling… Ahhh…


When it was almost the end of the event, I saw Kuya Memer. So as usual, I approached him and gave him a complimentary copy of my manga. He was like “I didn’t know you’re back in the Philippines“. LOL! Again, he remembered who I am!!! WAAAAHHHH!!! When I gave him the copy, he was like, “My wife will enjoy this” and I just– Ugh. So much feels gaiz. This is where I belong! HAHA!!! I love this community!

But it did not end there. As if by tradition, all of us went to Megamall to have dinner. Since there’s like 15 of us altogether (this includes my old pals and the Funny Komiks stuff I met for the very first time), we ended up eating at the foodcourt. LOL, we went after we met up with Jack Lord and his boyfie (?). HAHA!!! I swear to gawd, it was an epic day. We had good dinner and experience. Being with your friends was amazing! What more if they are the community you love. HAHA!



There was a special guest, too. The rat that fell from the ceiling on the plate of one of the Funny Komik stuff. I swear to gawd, our group made a commotion. HAHA! And we had to continue it at Starbucks. At starbucks where this thing called “confrontation” happened between Jack Lord and P-chan. This two…

Oh well, towel. We hope the day was longer but we’re content. I honestly don’t know what imma say in this post but man… I was just so happy you don’t know.

So with that said, lemme end this post right now. HAHA!!! AWESOME is AWESOME! I’m actually looking forward to participating again in the coming event. We’ll see. Ciao!



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