December Love

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December has been very kind and it’s barely starting out.


Work has been good. Been keeping up with our tasks and we’ve lessened our time spent on OT. Coworkers have been real fun and I find myself hanging out with them often.

Last Friday was payday so we went to Glorietta/Greenbelt to eat and stuff. Money spent wise ❤

We’ve also set up an exchange gift with one another and that has been pretty exciting,too! Hihi!

Met up with a lot of my friends as well. A little over a week ago, I went to meet with the Neener Baklitas and man did we eat a lot!!! Good Korean food and Starbucks to end the awesome day!

Namie and Chrestie were there, too! Barkada complete! It was really nice to see them and know that they’re doing great with their careers! Woot! Especially Namie ever since she got featured in a magazine. So proud of my bebe ❤

Oh! met up with Ewika’s boyfie as well. Cool and good looking guy. So glaaaad Ewika found a good man. She deserves it more than anything. And then, Kristi, fab as always. How dare she wear a dress that day. Haha!

But I love my bitches. Haha!!!


Well, since it’s pretty related, imma take this opportunity to talk about Jason a little bit. Haha! As you know, Ewika met Mark online. I did try online dating for a little bit before but it proved to be a hassle so I haven’t visited the site for like a half a year (Tumblr alone eats my time and I still have a lot of social media accounts).

Anyway, after meeting the new couple and see how happy and ‘in love‘ they are, I decided to visit the site just for the heck of it. So shocked to see a flood of messages and views. Kinda overwhelmed at first and wanted to turn away since it’ll prove to be a handful just checking each and answering.

But I guess by some twist of fate, the first message was coincidentally from Jason. His message was very, short and neutral. He just asked ‘Nag-dra-drawing ka pa?’


And as an artist who feels an instant closeness to fellow artist, would of course make me curious. Haha! Messaged him back and from then on, we just started talking regularly.

He seemed like a good guy. He’s a little older than me, with a stable job and a pretty good artist if I may say so myself (he’s into watercolors and portraits). It was so shocking that when I told him my pen name, he was actually familiar with it! And we have talked on DA before, too! That, or easyjournal. Can’t really remember since I don’t frequent the site anymore but daaaammmnnn!

But this is the scary part, he was also there during Komikon! We were at the same place at the same time! Just didn’t get the chance to meet since we’re both busy with our booths. Talk about scary coincidences. Haha!


So where am I going with this?

Well, despite his nerdy and timid look, he seems to be proactive and have initiated for us to meet up. Our workplace is not even that far from each other so it’s not that hard to set up something to be honest.

But then I’m too cynical that I keep on making excuses. Haha!

So I told the bestfriend about this and as always, she was able to give me a profound answer to my (dumb) questions. She said to just go for it. No problem meeting up with him so early in our acquaintance and that in fact, it’s better so I can gauge him right away and see if I’m just wasting my time on him or not by the time we interact with each other personally. Haha! And that makes a lot of sense!


So with that said, we’re looking forward to our first date this Saturday. Lol! We’re supposed to meet on the 21st but some stuff might come up so yeah. Moving it earlier.

Oh man. What now? I don’t want a failed attempt like when I dated Aries (was that even his name? I forgot!) back in March or something. Sighhhh…

Oh well, expect the worst buthope for the best…

And ah, as an ender, I might switch work. Not yet sure but sister referred me to her connection here in the Philippines since they were looking for a graphic artist. Haha! We’ll see how it goes. They offer a bigger compensation, too. Hihi! So I passed my resume already and my online portfolio.

Hope December will continue to be awesome ❤


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  1. Glad for you Unni!!!! ^^
    haha will you wear a dress? 😉

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