It’s just real unbelievable, okay.

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This is the first real time I got really upset over work. It didn’t get to this point even after we were overworked (we didn’t have a choice). When they gave us a mandatory order to spend 10 precious hours at work (even to the point of working on a weekend!). Let’s not forget that fellow co-workers were also under appreciated after everything they’ve contributed in the company.


Surprisingly, those instances didn’t upset me as much as it did this time. Only this time. Because this is the last straw.

Personally, work is tolerable. It was a tiring job but at least it was still fun and it was a great experience to bring in America. It’s been fun because I’m with good people. But to suddenly rip me away from them, like what they did today, just did it for me.

So yesterday, it was Jethro’s last day at work. Inevitably, there was a spot that he left empty as he departed from our company. Apparently, it won’t be empty for long because just a day after, today, I was told I needed to change station. To somewhere far away from my friends.


I don’t care if it’s 10 paces away from them.

Change is change and I hate change.

But what I truly hate is that when I’m starting to really get by, I needed to adjust AGAIN. To be honest, this issue I’m going through is so trivial but it rubbed me off so bad, I swear, I almost threw a fit! I even snapped at someone and I couldn’t do my work with a peace of mind.


Simply put, it was horrible. I didn’t even have a choice! Fucking annoying.

Oh well, maybe this is also a sign, who knows. I might be leaving my job anyway.

Remember my story how my sister just volunteered my name to work as a graphic artist at Bread Talk? Well, I just got a message from one of their employee, prolly from the HR, who tried to set up a meeting with me today. But since I wasn’t able to read the message until an hour until call time, I had to ultimately miss my chance…

That was a downer until I got a call from someone familiar. Haha! It was my sister’s contact who called and asked me to set up a meeting with him on Friday! Lol! Everything happened so drastically I’m not sure if I’m prepared at all.


But to be honest, imma jump right into that opportunity. It’s not bad and if it’s for personal growth, I should not turn it away.

So yeah, on Friday, imma start a new chapter in my life. Maybe. Well, let’s just go and do it all.

After what happened at work earlier, I am more than determined to move on.

They asked me to transfer seat? Ha! I might as well transfer companies.


– – –

Real time update: My cousin finally got her results from her biopsy. Fuck. It’s cancer.

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