2013: It’s a Wrap!

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Honestly though. The days went by so fast. One moment, I was just celebrating my 26th birthday and now, I’m a few days away from my 27th birthday!

Everything is like a whirlwind that I barely have time to keep up! My ghad. This is definitely a sign of aging and it is scary…


But for whatever it is, 2013 was generally kind to me.

I was able to finish my diploma course without a hitch. Attended the best friend’s wedding. Got to bond with my HS friends when I joined CDGC’s summer league. I was able to snag a job right after my course ended. Met a lot of new friends thanks to BoA. Got the chance to work as a graphic artist (fer realz this time). Visited different countries. Met my idol (SNSD) as a birthday present and I was able to relive my dream of releasing my own manga during the Komikon event :3


And although it has been fun, there were also down times like the fact that my brother flew to the US permanently. I can’t forget how much I cried when we left the airport, dammit. And even my sister left for Singapore! To add, my best friend had to leave for Australia :c People leaving has always been a very sad moment for me…

There was also the great flood that submerged our house and damaged our properties. Got scammed (an event I will never ever forget). Got heartbroken.

My friend’s mom departed from us this year, too and then my cousin being diagnosed with cancer…


2013 is so eventful but the experience gained was beyond amazing. Really made me grow as person, you know?

Now that we’re entering 2014, it also marks my 11th year as a blogger. Haha! And although I wouldn’t be able to recover my stuff from 2003 (because easyjournal decided to disappear), I’ll continue to enjoy blogging. Leave stories that molded me as I am now.

It’s really interesting, reading your past entries. Haha! I was so depressing before but now, I’m very happy!

Oh well. Just a real quick recap of last year. Another year for blogging! Make this year awesome again. Woot!


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