Include Us in Your Prayers

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And because it’s my birthday, it’s suppose to be a happy event, right?

So everything started fabulous. I woke up with a lot of emails notifying me about the amount of birthday greeting I’ve received and my mom and I event went to Buffet 101 to eat out.

Since we had to walk, it was giving my mother some trouble. She really can’t walk a great distance and from then, she started experiencing pain around her neck and face. The pain didn’t subside so we ended up cutting our day and just went home so she could rest. Apparently, it wasn’t giving her any relief so about an hour after, she called me from my room telling me for us to go to the hospital, which we did right away.

Honestly, I only expected for the doctor to prescribe her some meds since Biogesic wasn’t doing anything but then, she ended up being confined in the ICU. I can’t believe she’ll be spending her time at the intensive care unit!

When my mom had her series of examination, the results ended up being contradicting with each other. CPK MB gave us a negative result but Troponin I gave us a positive result! her EKG wasn’t very pretty, too. She seemed  tense and that reflected on the strips. Not only that, her sugar level was around 300+! What the actual fuck right?!

So we were advised that she undergo a more in depth observation to get a more quantitative result to determine her illness so she’s staying at the hospital. And I’m alone by myself.

I swear, I got very lonely. It’s still not sinking in, the gravity of her case. But I hope against all odds that it’s not anything serious, beyond medication and home intervention, coz I’m seriously gonna lose it. It’s sad enough that it’s just the two of us at home. I can’t bear anything that would change that.

Ugh. I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m not crying and I look very calm. But who knows… I don’t know… No one knows…

I can only hope that everything turns out alright.

Please include us in your prayers…

4 Responses to “Include Us in Your Prayers”

  1. I hope and pray that everything will be alright, Lex!

  2. My prayers goes to your mom. In Jesus name, I claim healing for your mom!

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