I Want To Quit My Day

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I think I’m starting to really get stressed. So the past weekend has been pretty eventful, what, with my mom’s sudden hospitalization and shizz.

But then, that’s just part of my daily grind. In this wonderful Monday morning, I had to go to Greenhills to set my Union Bank account. That way I can get my money but Nooooooo! They won’t accept my credentials because none of them are from the Philippines (I brought my US driver license and passport).

But I mean COME ON. They are legit identification materials and IT IS MY MONEY. They really want it to be fucking difficult for everybody?! Arg.

So yeah, wasted trip. So I instead went back to the office to gather my assignments. i have a lot. I needa take care of four business establishment with the deadline just around the corner! An over night thing?! Dafuq.

Although it is not that difficult, the thing is, I had to take care of a lot of stuff first. So before I actually get home and work on it, I would need more time. Right it’s 12:30 midnight and I’m just halfway through. Kinda. Haha.

And oh, not to mention that I attempted to take care of my TIN number but turns out that my 30 minute wait at the queue line was wasted because I have to go to Makati first. DAAAMMMNNN!

Nothing is going right! And I’m still rather scarred that all my logo seaigns were rejected. Ugh.

On the bright side, my mom’s already left the ICU. Hopefully tomorrow, she’ll be back home.

But before that, I needa suffer some more. Before I can visit the hospital, I have to go to LTO first. Ugh.

Okay, back to work.

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  1. Hi Lexie! Corinne here! CorinneluvSnsd4ever9 on AFF! Cheer up šŸ˜€

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