Everything’s gonna be alright

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So… mother had a series of tests done at a different hospital. The results didn’t reflect any serious readings but that doesn’t mean my mom’s safe from any impending danger.

So she took the results to the physician at the heart center and she ended up getting admitted and tomorrow, she’ll be having an angiogram.

It’s almost a given that she’s gonna go and do angioplasty right after so all I can ever wish for is for everything to be alright.

Since all my sibs and my dad’s not with me right now, it’s been very difficult. Add to that that my new job is so shitty…

BUT, I’m glad that I still have all my supportive relatives and friends who’s been there since day one. If not for them, who knows what I’ll becomeeeee…

Welp, just my usual report for when I look back again. Haha!

I seriously need to get some sleep. Later~!

3 Responses to “Everything’s gonna be alright”

  1. Hi Lexie,I hope everything is going better, hang in there! Thinking of you ~

  2. Everything’s gonna be alright bff! My prayers goes for the healing of your mom and I also pray that God will give you more strength. I know you’re strong, she will be healed, I claim it in His name!

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