Mid-February Report

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There’s a lot of things I wanted to talk about but I can’t find the time to just sit down and detail everything so I’ll just enumerate it instead. That way, I’ll have a record of it forever.

As long as WordPress don’t suddenly shut down like what happened to Easyjournal, my blog of 7 years, then my memories will live forever :3


1. A week ago, I submitted my resignation letter. And although I’ve always dreamed of being a graphic artist, my work didn’t give me the satisfaction and/or fulfillment I was seeking. It was really dreadful for me to go to work each day. It didn’t help that Mother’s health condition mixed in so I was pretty much stressed so my resolve was to end everything quickly.

Only, my boss didn’t accept my resignation letter. We instead came into a compromise where I would work from home. That way, I’ll be able to watch over her. With this however, I’ll be paid just half of my agreed salary. Welp, I guess this was a better deal that completely losing my source of income. I guess I’ll just suck it up and not cave in to pressure :3

2. As to be expected, I’ve been taking care of our house errands. Last Moday, I skipped work coz I was taking care of all the necessary paperworks so we can apply for Z-benefit. I do hope and pray that we get approved for this privilege to give us all peace of mind. Not really charmed by my Mom’s attending physician to be honest but I’ll keep positive that everything will be fine. I have confidence because the Heart Center is such a reputable hospital :3

3. After a two months working for my new employer, I finally got my money!!! Boy am I so happy! And seeing such a big bulk of money in my bank account my inside tingle. Haha! But I found out that I’ve become a person who likes to spend money when I don’t have any to spare. Weird huh?

4. Welp. I feel like I’m betraying ‘Love Letter’ by listening to ‘Close To Me’. I seriously don’t listen to anything else besides this new song from BoA for almost a week now! It’s unbelievable how much I love this track that I even transcribed it by ear! My ghad! I must be crazy but I can’t help it! It’s so beautiful!!!

5. To add to that, been spazzing over SNSD’s comeback as well. Seeing the teaser for Mr. Mr. Made me fall on my seat coz it was that goooooooddddd! It was a creepy concept too! But as always, SNSD showcased this strong persona. I just… It was impressive! But stupid, STUPID SM just have to push back the release because of some stupid shiet like having their files corrupted. I honestly don’t buy this BS. Aigoo.

6. Finally, Monica and I met up! We kept on delaying it coz of all the stuff that’s happen to us and our family but glad we were able to squeeze in some time and fangirl together! Haha! I even took her to Mi Gusto and introduced her to my old time friend as well. Hihi!

7. With my mom receiving her health regimen at the Heart Center, it gave me a chance to better associate myaelf with my bestfriend’s husband. From all the time I’ve bumped into him, I’m glad that at least Tin Tin married a dependable and responsible man. He really does his work well and he’s got such an incredible work relationship with the people at the hospital. I hope he will treat Tin Tin nicely forever and ever :3

8. Watched Free! Finally got to finish watching it and I loved it! How can animé characters be so totally attractive, I swear… And oh, also got started with You Who Came From The Stars because my friend Ceci was so obsessed with it and I kinda fell into the trapped… Itms always so hard to start on an ongoing drama because of the excruciating wait for the next episode but it was worth it. Haha! Ah, done watching The Prime Minister and I! I honestly enjoyed watching it but such a tragedy how it wasn’t well received in Korea and again, it didn’t get a good rating… But I’m glad YoonA’s very hard working and her confidence doesn’t falter :3

9. Ah, a shocking news came into my attention. So that one day, I decided to go on Facebook and there, I saw Kam’s update. Apparently, he got married in India. I’m really, really happy for him but I’d be lying if I said that didn’t shock me in a bad way. Welp, I can’t expect him to wait for me anyway. He deserves to be happy anyway.

10. So this year’s Valentine’s day awful. Not because I spent it alone. I mean, I’ve always had since 26 years ago so itms no different. But damn, it was extra sucky coz I had to suffer the traffic that day! It took me like 4.5 hours just to get home from work and that will neer be OKAY. Ugh. It’s funny tho that on the 15th, Jason messaged me on LINE after a long absence. Not sure if that’s coincidental or he purposely didn’t contact me on V-day. Coz I honestly held myself back, afraid that he might think I’m expecting something from him. Haha!

Welp, we don’t talk as much like before but at least he didn’t completely disappeared like that one other guy I dated. Haha!

I feel like I have more to say but no time. I needa go and hit the hay. Tomorrow’s Monday and you know Monday’s are evil. Ugh.

Oh well, towel :3

7 Responses to “Mid-February Report”

  1. I’m so glad that Sao told me about your WP account and she told me that you regularly update it as well. I am happy and sad about some of the stuff I have read but I know that you are a strong young lady, you are doing just fine. Always remember that you have friends, from all walks of life 🙂 We are always here for you, for laughs, for tears and ready to lend an ear if need be. I am really excited about reading your blog and Sao’s blog! It’s a totally different thing from chatting 🙂 I wish you all the best Lexie and I hope you get the message I sent through LINE. Don’t we all hate Mondays?

    • HAHA, yeah. I update as much as possible about my life over here. It’s nice to have a diary that could remind you how you lived your lie. All the experiences, heartaches, lessons learned. Hihi! Definitely following you back! Thank you so much for the support and let’s expand this friendship to another 10 years!

  2. Yes Monday`s are evil….wait traffic is evil I also experienced that!
    I was forced to walk from Makati ave to Guada because of that

  3. Yeah that was a serious long walk….that day was Valentine’s day plus the fact that it was also salary day and with all fortunate events it falls on a Friday…I don’t have nothing to ride on, taxi…jeep kahit nga ata banka sasakyan ko na but there was none so there, I was forced to walk good thing there though was my office mates where there with me. So had a walkathon with them.

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