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BoA popped her eyes open and bolted right up. ‘Shit shit shit shit!’ She chanted away as she looked around, finally noticing the ray of sunlight seeping out from the windows.

It wasn’t her favorite blanket, nor her comfortable bed. Thankfully somehow, she’s still wearing her own clothes. ‘Well at least that’s one sign I didn’t get myself into an awkward situation last night.’

BoA wasn’t aware of her peculiar drinking habits until Yeonhee mentioned it in passing one time. Apparently when she’s totally drunk, she gets real hot. When she’s feeling hot, she gets really irritated. And because she didn’t want to ruin her precious (and limited) time with her drinking buddies by being in a foul mood, she would fix the problem by stripping her clothes off, cooling her body at the same time.

She remembered how shocked she was when she learned about this, that for a certain period of time, she totally strayed away from any alcoholic drinks.

But last night was different and she had a legit reason to celebrate. It was her bestfriend’s birthday. How can she not celebrate it as she did for the past 10 years, right? That would just feel weird. And totally wrong.

Missing each other’s birthday celebration was as good as saying they’re ending their friendship. A form of betrayal. Luckily, that point never even came close in all those years they’ve been together. She realized that their relationship is–

Her thoughts was suddenly interrupted by a soft rustling on her side.

‘Are you finally awake?’ His sluggish voice floated in the air. It sounded so close. Too close. Finally drifting her gaze towards her right, she saw Yunho sitting up, rubbing his sleepy eyes. His hair was sticking out in all this weird directions and if she’s gonna look closely, she could slightly see a tiny drool at the side of his mouth he unconsciously wiped away before BoA could point it out.

‘But that’s the least of my concern,’ she mumbled and threw an unsuspecting punch towards Yunho’s arm.

‘What the heck was that for?!’ Yunho scowled, now fully awake. He rubbed the sore spot delicately.

‘That’s for sleeping on my bed when you should’ve stayed somewhere else instead!’

Yunho stared at her incredulously. For a second, he couldn’t bring himself to respond. Then again, the accusation was so ridiculous that an immediate retort started materializing in his mouth before he could stop himself.

‘First of all, this is not your bed. Second, I don’t think it is quite respectful for a guest to suddenly throw punches at the innocent host and lastly, I’m not the one who freakin’ crawled on an occupied bed without a consent,’ he closed his eyes for a dramatic pause. ‘You did.’

And with that, BoA lost the argument altogether. He wasn’t even trying, really.

Yet, her stubborn streak wouldn’t let her back down just yet.

‘Excuse me, mister, but I don’t recall such act from last night.’

‘Exactly,’ he sighed as he scratched his head in annoyance. Because you were too drunk to care, he added mentally. ‘I wasn’t feeling good last night so I retired early to bed while you continued to drown yourself with alcohol. Changmin did promised me to drop you off at your house though,’ he went on explaining. ‘But barely 30 minutes after, he came to my room and complained that you knocked out. But you know what, that’s totally okay. Anyway, you were fast asleep on the couch and we didn’t want to bother a violent, drunk person so we let you rest there uninterrupted.’

BoA listened intently and tried to remember vague scenes from her mind that somewhat matched what Yunho was saying right now. She was getting anxious, knowing full well that she’s blaming an innocent man. It was frustrating.

‘And I thought I was getting a decent sleep until it was 3 in the morning and I found you climbing up my bed uninvited!’ BoA’s face started to feel hot and her skin began to prick. ‘Of course it felt wrong to stay on the same bed with you so I intended to switch places but you… you…!’

Yunho let out another deep sigh and climbed out of the bed towards the door. How am I supposed to tell her that with her amazon strength, she grabbed my arm and pulled a spooning hug on me?! More than getting her embarrassed, I think I am more embarrassed…

The expression on Yunho’s face was unreadable. ‘Anyway, stay comfy, whatever. I’ll just go and cook us some breakfast.’ And with that, Yunho left the room without another word.

Finally alone, BoA collapsed on the bed and pulled the blanket over her head in pure embarrassment.

She knew exactly the bit of information Yunho purposely left out just before he went outside. She figured it was his own way of saving her remaining pride. Actually, because of her pride, she couldn’t — wouldn’t — bring herself to acknowledge that special display of affection she pulled last night.

‘Stupid stupid stupid stupid BoA!’ She screeched helplessly under the covers. ‘Why do I always end up in all these awkward situations with him, of all people! This is not okay and this definitely should stop!’ She went on tragically, wagging her feet against the bed in frustration. She moved like she was suffocating, gasping for air until she stopped abruptly.

‘But then… I mean… Maybe I don’t quite regret my actions from last night…’ She pondered, completely still. ‘I admit I’ve always had this impulsive bouts of wanting to be near him. To just jump right at him and hug him from behind or something,’ she continued with a blush. She turned on her side and had a series of thoughts again. ‘I just didn’t have the courage to do so because… Oh you know, because of this stupid pride, you stupid stupid stupid BoA…’

Watching from a far, BoA looked like somebody inside a cocoon as she wrapped herself inside the blanket. She must be so into her thoughts that maybe for a short while, she forgot that she’s not in the safe confines of her own home and that she’s not completely alone. That in reality, Yunho was just there, staring at her with amusement.

He never knew how animated she can get nor the amount of hidden desire she has for him. It was interesting. He was so elated with the sudden revelation that he had somehow let out a snort that alerted the little giant.

BoA, not missing the most subtle of sounds, was quick to react to the noise. She uncovered her face and darted a stabbing look at Yunho’s direction.

‘How long have you been standing there?’ She hissed.

The handsome young man smiled. ‘Long enough.’

BoA breathed heavily that her nose flared. She knew what’s up. She’s in a deeper shit than what she would’ve liked and it didn’t even take her 10 minutes to drag herself into this horrible mess, herself. She cursed herself silently, allowing just enough to show it in her facial feature even if she tried so hard to play it cool.


‘Then come on down and help me prepare breakfast.’

‘But I’m a guest!’

‘No, you’re not anymore. Come outside and set the table at least,’ Yunho answered back in finality as he turned around to get back into scrambling the eggs and toasting more bread.

And although he could manage doing everything himself, it would’ve been nice to have BoA around to keep him company. He didn’t want to play a boring house game by himself so he decided to go back to the room and fetch her.

It was just an added bonus that when he did, BoA was having this monologue with herself. It was very out of character. Not something that would come out from BoA’s mouth any ordinary day. It was so unreal but he witnessed it for himself and now, he can’t stop any possibilities that may happen in their future from that point on.

Truthfully, he was feeling courageous to finally — finally — admit to her his secret feelings from a long, long time ago.

Suddenly, Yunho heard audible grumbling from the room as heavy footsteps seemed to get closer by the second, distracting his thoughts.

‘You took so long,’ he began. ‘I’m almost done with the second batch of scrambled eggs,’ he was explaining and then turned around to see BoA’s glowing face.

She tied her hair back lazily so couple of strands were still sticking out at the side. She took off her jacket and was now wearing a simple white shirt (that slightly showed the color of her underwear to his impure delight) over her black jeans.

She yawned one last time as she walked gracefully towards the dining table effortlessly. She sat there with her chin on her palm.

‘I had to wash my face first, do you mind?’ She answered with an edge. Feisty so early in the morning. Just the way he likes it.

Yunho tried to contain his manly hormones at bay and concentrated on preparing their food. He’s been doing this so naturally for years now that donning a pink apron while cooking didn’t even cross his mind as something not-very-manly-ish-looking.

Yet, when BoA saw him, moving about the kitchen so freely and naturally, it just got harder for her not to admire Yunho. And that impulsive bout of wanting to hug him from behind kicked in again. She was thankful that Yunho spoke right then so BoA was able to revert back to playing it cool.

‘Coffee or choco?’



At first, BoA had meant to help him prepare their breakfast but it was more interesting to watch him work so she remained at the tables and gazed at him some more.

Maybe I should spend my every morning here from now on. BoA covered her mouth in horror, afraid that she might’ve recited her thoughts out loud again. Luckily, it was just her voice inside her head this time.

‘You know what, BoA? You’re a bit dumb sometimes.’ There wasn’t a bit of remorse as he said that so suddenly.

‘Excuse me?!’

‘I mean, I’ve been in love with you for 10 years. How can you not know this.’

There was a long silence that followed after that. As curiosity took over him, Yunho spun around to stand face to face with BoA.

Of course she was still seated on her chair but there was something that changed. He couldn’t quite put it into words but BoA looked smug. Like a victor in an unknown game they’ve been playing all the while.

‘I love you just as long. It’s not my fault that you never asked.’

BoA stood up from her chair and walked around the table to stand close to him. Her eyes searched his and in a dreamy state, she reached for him. She wrapped her arms around her neck and tiptoed, her nose slightly brushing his unshaven chin.

’10 years, Yunho. That’s a really long time.’

She never meant it but her voice sounded so teasing, so inviting… Pushing his buttons in ways that would self destruct him.

He closed his eyes briefly and then placed his hands around her small waist and pushed her down the table in an attempt to cage her. She was now seated on the table as he towered her, his arm at her side.

‘Indeed. A really long time.’

They stared at each other for a second more as he leaned in for a kiss.

And then a kiss.



And then a kiss…

‘You know what, I can get used to this idea of having breakfast with you everyday.’

Yunho widened his eyes, obviously trying another shot at being unnecessarily dramatic. ‘Is… Is that… Are you… Did you just propose to me?!’

He knew it was coming but it still hurts as BoA swung her arm and punched him in the gut. Her face was bright red and she was breathing heavily.

‘You… You idiot!’ She screamed as she pushed him away. There is no way in life she’s gonna admit to that even if it was something she dreamed about for 10 years now.

A lovely breakfast, with her lovely husband, for the rest of their everyday.



With Yunho.


– – –

Because everybody needs a little fluff in their lives. Even if it’s something over the top. Still, I won’t apologize for this coz FEELS. I need more YunBoA oh my freakin’ gawd! Can’t you just get married please? You are killing me!

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

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