Allow me to vent out my feelings

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Because Facebook, Tumblr and even Twitter is now an unsafe place for me to complain about my feels, I’ll blog about it instead.



I’ve been very irritated with work. I just… It seems like I’m just sticking to this shitty place coz of my salary and the fact I get the title as a Graphic Artist. After that, I don’t feel any type of satisfaction whatnot. Nobody ever fucking told me, nor warned me, how much I will loath working for them. Okay. So I don’t necessarily hate hate it. But most of the time, I really do.


I feel like they don’t have a system. And everything’s just everywhere and it’s fucking infuriating.

They just ask you to this and that out of sheer whim as if they have provided all the materials needed to magically accomplish the tasks flawlessly. Heck, I’m a graphic artist but they also expect me to write my own material and it’s just really annoying.

Right now, It’s happening again (as it always does. there is no break in this cycle). They want me to do a newspaper ad (one of the many tasks i do, really). I’m a graphic artist but they also expect me to book the publication myself. WHAT THE FUCK! I had to call people even if it’s a long distance call (and it will cost me fucking money out of my fucking pocket) because I cant exactly say no. And then they want me to do an amazing job when I don’t even know what the restaurant is about. What is their best feature, whatnot. Heck, I don’t even have any pictures to include there. It’s just very irritating. I can’t even begin to explain how I feel.


And then they also give projects at around 4 or 5pm when I’m supposed to be out of the office by 6pm. And this is the worst. I am in a sorta work from home basis because of my mom’s operation. But it never occurred to them that I am also busy caring for my mom. That my mom was at the fucking ICU when they sent me all these fucking projects like what the fuck, man. Don’t you have any fucking consideration? This is exactly why I wanted to quit! It’s not as if being at the hospital wasn’t stressful enough, they had to go jump in and join the partyyyyy.

(mind you, they give the same amount of work but i’m only gonna get half of my salary for this month just coz i can’t report to the office coz i don’t know…  you know… my mom had an open heart surgery and of course, as her only child residing in the philippines, i was of course expected to be with her through everything until full recovery but no. that doesn’t seem relevant at all.)

Ugh. I don’t know how much of this I can still take but ugh… I’ll try to stay at least for a couple of months more and complete a whole six month of employment with them. If I can stay longer then better. At least when I go back to the states, I have something to show them as an experience but really. I am not enjoying work. At all.


It’s all about the money. And that sucks. But it’s true.

At least I’m still finding some other driving force to push me to stay. They should be grateful. Seriously.


(but wow, venting it out on here helped a lot to lighten my chest. HAHA! i love blogging!)


9 Responses to “Allow me to vent out my feelings”

  1. I actually had the same experience with my previous job. Expecting you to do unexpected things like you are a superhero like the heck, I know how you feel man….Fighting!

    • Oh man… I didn’t expect it to be this difficult… In all honesty, I think when I started work, all I ever do is complain. And it’s not a really good sign of any healthy work environment if they can’t keep their employee happy.


      We’ll see how far I’ll be able to endure this… But for the both of us… Aja aja fighting!

  2. I’m happy with my new job, kahit na the salary is not that promising. As I can see, you are a woman of hard work, you might complain things like this but still you are working for them, they should pay you more for that, but we don’t know that could be a blessing in disguise, I will include you in my prayers for strength and more patience (like more!!!) also hoping for your mom’s fast recovery.

    • Ugh… This is so encouraging :3 thank you, thank you for your good words. It really means a lot :3

      Sana nga it’ll get better. Complaining at least help ease the tension. Haha! Ikaw din, work hard!!!

  3. Yeah let’s work hard!

  4. Hi Lexie, Don’t you live a long way from where you work too? Can you find something that’s closer or in a related field? Wishing you the best and I hope you are feeling better and that your mom gets well soon too. Good luck!

    • Ah yeah, my work is far away and I’m slowly considering changing workplaces. Will see how it goes and if it gets better :3 But thank you so much for all the concern. I know I whined a lot but it helped me get over the ugly feelings so yeah… I hope you’re doing great yourself!

  5. Lexie you were not whining it sounds like your job is taking advantage of you, and nobody likes that. I like checking in with your blog, I am glad I ran across it! *hugs* Things will get better soon, I know it 🙂

    • HAHA, thank you thank you for not… well, judging me. Some people would easily tell me I’m grateful for the opportunity but you know, the one thing that should rule you is happiness so yeah… I’m finding that ray of light and hopefully it gets better. Thank you thank you ❤

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