We Need Your Help! — “Make Your Move” May Only Be A ‘Limited Release’

In Uncategorized on March 27, 2014 by lexie-chan

MakeYourMove3D Fans


Hey everyone! If you are fans of Derek Hough and BoA, we need your help!

Would you like to be a part of making sure that everyone who loves dance movies has an opportunity to see this awesome pair in their debut leading roles in Make Your Move? You may not think that your assistance is needed in any way, but it is. Here’s why and how.

1. Originally, when Make Your Move was still entitled Cobu 3D, Lionsgate was its international distributor. Distributors market a film, advertise it, promote it, help make it successful, and Lionsgate is a HUGE distributor. However, in January 2012, Lionsgate bought out Summit Entertainment, and with its newly expanded pipeline of films, they began abandoning some projects. We think Cobu 3D was one of them, because Lionsgate doesn’t seem to be one of the film’s distributors anymore. Losing the dollars…

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