SNSD Got A Boy

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And so it seems like the beginning of the year wasn’t very great for SNSD and a lot of SONEs out there. What, with the horrible promotion period for Mr. Mr. and the outing of some members with regards to their relationships… And honestly I cannot blame people for being hurt and betrayed.

(But imma concentrate more on the revelation of the girls’ relationship for this post.)


To me, it was really a shocking news and even I had a moment of pure bewilderment. It was a feeling like setting your own daughter to get married. Like a knock on reality that they’ve grown up. But that’s as much as there is when it comes to their relationship. At the bottom of it all, I am just soooooo happy that despite their busy schedule and insane work environment, they found love in a hopeless place.


That’s why it was incredibly heartbreaking to see people who left the fandom and spewed hurtful comments to the girls (and their boyfriends. even going as far as leaving absurd messages on the member’s personal accounts. that’s why I wouldn’t blame YoonA and Tiffany if they didn’t get a public social media network despite the girls who signed up already. after all, they might be the very people who might get the most hate. so sad…)

It’s… how can people say all those things and make the girls so sad on the one thing that makes them happy?

I don’t get it.

I really don’t.

It’s like their heads were hanging on a flower decorated rope around their necks. And just one comment, just one, would be enough to push the chair beneath their feet… towards their own end.

That was a bit too dramatic but I hope you get the picture.


I know it’s something that is still hard to wrap your head around, especially for all those people who ship them with their fellow girls whatnot (I’m looking at you TaeNy shippers who just go overboard). But, I hope you do not take it against the girls and blame them for your own broken heart. Don’t make them feel like they do not deserve to be happy this way. I don’t know how else to explain this but leave their private lives alone.

They will not live for your sake but for their own. Because at the bottom of it all, their lives belong to them.

It will be hard, incredibly hard, but I hope eventually, each and one of you will learn to accept that another chapter in the girls’ lives are being written. They want nothing but to make everybody happy — including themselves.

And like this comment:


I hope that we continue to believe in them, to support them. What better way to express just how much we love the girls, right? I would like to apologize though if I have offended anybody and if it seemed like I was shoving my beliefs down your throat but you know, it’s not so bad to hope for the best for all of us so yeah… :3




At least these girls know how to pick cute guys so kudos to y’all~

4 Responses to “SNSD Got A Boy”

  1. Personally I was disappointed with the Korean tabloids that Hyo had been dating for 2 years and we only found out after they broke up! Come on K-tabs, get your collective acts together!

    • I know Hyo must be dating or something… But to be in a relationship for 2 years kinda shocked me! No wonder she was blooming the past few years. HAHA! Although the dude seems a bit douchy, I’m sure he’s got some redeeming qualities for her to choose him. I just hope Hyoyeon recovers from this blow because I would hate to see her lose her positive vibe around her :3

  2. When I heard the news about Tiffany, I have to honest, I feel like my heart was shattered into pieces. Being one of my ultimate bias and the other is actually already married (Sunye) I feel like a myriad of emotions. I haven’t recovered yet from Yoona and now here is Tiffany, I got hurt not because she is in a relationship or because of him but the fact that I wan not ready yet to know that fact shocked me the most. It is okay to be sad for a moment but to leave the fandom and leave hurtful message come on! Immature Fans?

    • It was a shocking news to most of the people. I was personally shocked. But to leave the fandom? It was preposterous. Welp, at least we got rid of all those people who weren’t true fans :3


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