BoA’s Love for Surprises

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One moment, you’re so deprived of BoA’s lack of public presence, like there’s no tweet, IG update, any kind of buzz and then BOOM! A freakin’ awesome explosive news would be announced out of nowhere!


It’s been happening quite a lot, actually. One of the most memorable was when they announced that she will have the Here I Am concert and then when she casually announced that she’ll have a new mv that will be featured in the concert for the first time, too.

There’s also her participation in Shark’s OST, When Message was released, the freakin’ awesome Close To Me song… her drama… A cameo in a movie and a freakin’ movie of her own… like… how does she do this?!


I am bewildered by everything that has been happening but I won’t be complaining now.

So anyway, going back to my point, freakin’ BoA did it again! She just suddenly dropped another surprise announcement informing us that the Queen is having a Live Tour concert in Japan this coming September!!!! Imagine my shock as I read this while I was at work! I could not even begin to describe the amount of feels that washed over me.


Come on… The last one she had was in 2011 so yeah… Jumpings are starving…


Simply put, because of this, I just decided to watch her live. I don’t know how imma do it but I will. As a matter of fact, I already purchased my plane ticket to Japan, so yeah. If everything else goes my way, I’ll soon be able to buy my concert ticket and then watch her live!!! Fuck… if it does happen, I can die happy…


I waited 12 years for this. It’s could be the best thing ever!!!

I am not keeping my hopes up but I am hoping for the best.

I do hope I get my wish. If not, at least I get to visit Japan ❤

I’m just happy for this opportunity. HAHA! Ahh… The things I do for BoA.




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