Why Make Your Move “flopped”

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No matter how much we love BoA and try to justify the movie, it’s just how it is. The movie flopped.


But to say that it was because of a crappy storyline, or the not-so-well-known actors who participated in it, or even the bad acting whatnot *rolls my eyes*… that’s a bit inaccurate.


Everybody, including me, knew it will not have the best script out there. It was a given. It’s a dance movie. You’re supposed to focus on the performance. And although they have chosen actors that “weren’t” as popular as they keep on saying, they were at least someone professional in that field.


Let that sink in.




What truly dragged it down was the horrible promotion they did for it and the terrible timing when they released it in Korea.


I can’t even begin to explain how stupid they handled the movie promotion from day one. It’s as if again, they had BoA do all the dirty work and was made to be the direct target of all these malicious comments instead of SM or the team behind it. (Heck, the unofficial Make Your Move fan club did a more decent job than them and I doubt they were getting paid for it.) I am starting to think that SM is doing this on purpose and does not care for her anymore at all like they used to.




To better expound on this subject, I’ll give you an example.


Apart from BoA, I am also a huge SNSD fan but you know what, between BoA and SNSD, they play such an unfair game. And I am sooooooo not okay with it.


For whatever it takes, SM would not allow SNSD to have the same questionable exposure in the US that may brand their names as “failures“, if they can help it. Exactly why are they not releasing an English album or promote the girls in the states for all this time but then had BoA do it?




Ask yourself that.




It’s hard to accept it (especially when BoA was SM’s princess. I mean fuck. Without her, SM wouldn’t be as what it is today.) but the way I see it, they weren’t as dedicated to promote BoA in the US or anywhere else… They wouldn’t dare and invest in her. It’s as if they were merely waiting for a miracle to happen and not backing it up with mortal hard work.


Here’s the deal, SM wanted advancement in the US market but is too afraid to let their main cash cows to do it, in the fear that it might lessen their value if they fail in their attempts. So they let their other artist venture the elusive market. If they succeed, then awesome! If not, then at least it wasn’t that big of an investment in the end.


And the scapegoat would of course none other than BoA. She’s the only one capable in their roster and the one with guts anyway…


It really enrages me. Trust me, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this cheap trick by SM.




Also, I know I shouldn’t but I did it anyway (and hurt myself in the process :c), but I read a lot of comments about BoA’s Movie premier in the US. Half of the things the comments said was that they weren’t even aware that the movie was out already! Heck, they knew about it when the screening was already over. Not just that, it was shown in limited theaters during a limited time so how is it ever going to rake revenues?!


Even in other countries, like in the Philippines for example, they only had the movie for less than a week! I had waited for it for years but when I finally got some free time on my weekend off, it was gone. People are busy with their school/work in the weekdays guys. But nope, there weren’t so much as a consideration there.




Also, it was utterly laughable how all the Make Your Move related promotions spawned merely weeks (or should I say days?) before it was released in Korea! WHAT IS THAT EVEN?! If you’re thinking that would just cut it well sorry to burst your bubble buddy BUT A BIG NO TO THAT.






And as if everything I just said wasn’t bad enough, the tragic Sewol Ferry incident also happened that time. People are mourning the deaths of hundreds of young soul and you can’t really expect the people in Korea to have the gall to watch movies given that situation. It’s totally understandable.


But in the end… IT WAS JUST HORRIBLE.


And it sucks that BoA had to go through with it — by herself — and yet, people just attacks her like there’s no tomorrow.




My poor baby… I just hope that she treats everything as a learning experience and that this does not break her. I am so sad to see her devastated by this but she’s… she’s stronger than that so…. yeah.


Give her a chance. Two failures doesn’t define her.


Ugh. Now, having said that, I can’t wait until Big Match comes out and then y’all be eating your shizzzzz. And as if these same people weren’t the one who praised her for her appearance in “Expect Dating”.


Such two face.


*eternally shaking my head*





2 Responses to “Why Make Your Move “flopped””

  1. I agree SO SO SO MUCH! This angers me a lot! It was actually released in Singapore in November last year and I did not know about it at all until this year! Was sooooooo pissed! I mean, for every single movie out there they’d make a tv adv so I’d known what was showing in cinemas because I never have the time to go out unintentionally just to ‘look-see-look-see’. And for MYM, THEY DIDN’T MAKE ANY ADVS AT ALL! Which was why I didn’t at all notice that it was showing in the cinemas.


    • Ugh. I couldn’t agree more! Yet, it’s BoA who is getting all the hating and it’s ridiculous. She did her best and we can see that clearly but then… PR people were just horrible! Imma strangle somebody!!!

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