I’m Going to see BoA live in concert!

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2014 by lexie-chan

Actually, I still don’t have the tickets in my hands but I met someone on Twitter that could help me with this.

I know I shouldn’t be trusting too easily anymore given I was already scammed before but this person seemed to be a legit one.

She’s from Japan, first and foremost. Also, I checked her Twitter account and she has like 12k tweets already. To add, popular BoA-centric Twitter users follow her like MadeinB, BoA gimme a Hug, Legend of BoA, BoA-sosory, olleh_boa, bokachu and the like.

I am honestly risking everything and have already put my full trust on her for this one!!!!

I really hope I don’t get scammed again. This time, I’ll really cry myself to sleep. I’ll be so heartbroken…

So sooooo heartbroken.

You can’t joke with me when it comes to BoA. Not when this is so serious as shit. Oh ghad. Please… I don’t want to be scammed again…

But I trust this person to the core.

Oh God, please give me a chance to see BoA live in concert!!!

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