Out of Time

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‘Does that girl think she’s invincible or something?’

‘Girl? Which girl?’

Changmin walked towards the receiving area of their hotel room, balancing two glasses and a wine bottle in his hands, when it’s not even noon time yet. He sat down on the longer couch and laid the stuff he was holding on the table.

‘BoA noona.’

Yunho popped his eyes wide open and sat right up from his relaxed position on the chair. ‘Did something happen to BoA?!’

‘Uhm, I guess you can say that again.’ Changmin dug his hand inside his pocket and pulled his smart phone out. He fiddled with it for a minute and then handed it to Yunho. The older man looked at it closely, but couldn’t make out what it was exactly.

‘Is this a busted tire?’ he asked doubtfully.

‘Yes. Yes it is. It seems like BoA noona’s driving around Seoul yesterday with a busted tire. The boys at the office told me. Even noona left a comment about it.’

‘What?!’ Yunho shrieked and almost dropped the phone he was holding.

‘Hey! Be careful! That’s a new one.’

Yunho ignored Changmin’s whining as he stood up and paced around the living room frantically. His face was now drained of color and he couldn’t stop the thumping in his heart anymore. BoA could’ve been involved in an accident and he was so far away to care for her! That was the absolute worst scenario for him. He couldn’t even bring himself and imagine it.

And even if he knows she’s safe now, that wouldn’t stop him from worrying.

‘Seriously! That girl…’


His face was strained. He walked the crowded hallways with people on his face everywhere he turned. Sometimes he does wonder if these people actually know the concept of personal space because they just kept on taking pictures of him, regardless of where he is at any given time. He should be used to it by now but particularly for this day, it was irritating him to no end. He was so tired from the unexpected trip and he was barely getting enough time to rest the past few days, yet, the crowd just kept on coming in waves.

It was an uncontrollable chaos.

Yunho sighed and walked steadily as he adjusted the beanie he was wearing. He caught a short glimpse of himself on the glass door and immediately withdrew his gaze with dismay. He looked horrible. Pathetic, even.

‘Did you get my car?’ He asked weakly as he took off his glasses so he could rub his temples.

‘Yes. I parked it at the usual place. I’ll drop you off there in a bit.’

Yunho managed to nod his head in acknowledgement. ‘Thanks manager hyung.’

It was the longest ride home but he was used to the drill. If Yunho had a personal agenda to attend to as soon as he arrives from an oversea schedule, his manager and himself would usually drive around the city to lose crazy fans from tailing them. Afterwards, they will pretend to drop him off at the office where he would quickly change to another outfit and then go transfer to another van right away. The second van would then take him to his car and leave him there to take care of his personal business by himself.

The celebrity life is more exhausting than anyone would think even off stage.

‘It’s safe for you now.’

‘Thanks, hyung.’

There was a short pause. ‘Are you sure you don’t want to get something to eat first?’

Yunho’s eyes softened and smiled feebly. ‘I’m sorry I had to drag you everywhere with me. I know you’re probably more tired than me to be honest, but…’

‘It’s okay Yunho. I know you’re worried about her. I understand.’

The younger man scratched his head bashfully. The manager could even see a slight blush coloring his cheeks as well. ‘Don’t say it like that… You’re making me feel uncomfortable.’

His companion merely laughed. ‘Okay okay. I’ll shut up now. Go ahead, break a leg, whatever.’

Yunho smiled one more time and got out of the van after making sure it was safe.

Finally on his way by himself, he glanced at his reflection on the mirror and saw how horrible he looked, much more now than earlier at his arrival. He smiled bitterly and drove away until he reached her house.

He parked at her driveway and pulled his phone from his pocket to call her number. Her phone kept on ringing. ‘This woman never learned how to answer her damn phone,’ he complained with a frown. Letting out an exasperated sigh, he got out of the car and walked toward her front door and rang the doorbell instead.

‘Who is it?’ Her voice came out from the speaker after making him wait forever.

‘It’s me.’

‘Yunho?!’ She gasped as the door finally unlocked to let him in. ‘What are you doing here?’ She asked curiously as she opened the door for the unexpected guest.

Without saying a word, the young man slipped inside and walked towards the living room. He collapsed on the couch and extended his neck so he could face the ceiling.

He didn’t look good.

He didn’t feel good.

BoA sat on his side and watched him silently, still puzzled for the sudden visit when she knew he’s such a busy person with the concert tour and the upcoming drama production.

Without thinking she touched his face tenderly, feeling his stubbles underneath her skin.

He was in a state of panic and was in such a hurry when he decided to come back to Korea. To even bother and shave so that he could look good in front of her didn’t at all cross his mind. The clothes he was wearing was so unflattering. His hair was disheaveled and his face obviously hollow.

‘Did you need anything from me?’

BoA waited patiently for him to answer. Waiting for him to answer all of her questions she kept to herself. Her eyes couldn’t hide the worry though. She blinked and hoped it would erase it from her face. She felt embarrassed to show him how much she cares, for some reason.

‘It always feels like I’m going to run out of time when it comes to you,’ he whispered, not necessarily to answer her question. He finally looked at her but his expression was hard to read.

‘What are you saying?’ She asked and then shook her head. She figured that he must be tired and wasn’t thinking properly to be saying that. ‘Have you eaten yet? Lemme go and get you something at least.’

BoA stood up but then Yunho grabbed her hand and pulled her down instead. BoA glanced back at him with a confused look but decided not to argue. They sat together in an uncomfortable silence that her skin started to prickle. It was another minute when BoA finally showed signs of annoyance about the awkward situation.

‘You know, you’re not even supposed to be here wasting time with me. Look at you! You didn’t even shave! This is my first time ever seeing you like a total mess, Yunho!

‘I’m a man, too.’

BoA rolled her eyes. ‘I didn’t say you weren’t. That doesn’t even make sense,’ she replied flatly, convinced that Yunho wouldn’t answer any of her questions seriously. She stared at him with a frown, readying herself for an upcoming argument between them. But in the midst of her escalated feelings, she suddenly saw his eyes softened and that’s all it took to calm herself again. ‘Okay, never mind… Tell me what’s wrong, then. Why are you here all of a sudden?’

Yunho didn’t answer. Instead, he reached out for her and enveloped her into an embrace.


‘I was told that you were driving around Seoul with a bad tire. Do you know how dangerous that is?’ He demanded as he tightened his embrace on her. Wanting nothing more but to protect her.

‘I-I know… But it’s not like I was in an accident or anything…’ She reasoned out trying to pull away. ‘I’ll make sure this won’t happen again.’

‘That’s your problem!’ He suddenly boomed. He broke the embraced himself and glared at her. She felt a little taken aback by the outburst. ‘How can you act as if it’s not a big deal?! As if nobody cares?!’ He cried, clenching his fists. His face was beet red and it became harder for BoA to look at him in the eye. ‘You’re no super hero, BoA, let me remind you that. You could’ve easily lost your life there.’

‘Y-you’re overreacting…’ She stammered.

‘Hell yeah I am! I was so worried I had to fly back here from Japan just to make sure you’re not hurt!’

BoA widened her eyes and then nervously looked away. ‘Oh come on. That’s nothing. You don’t need to care for me as if you’re my boyfriend.’ She didn’t know why but her voice trembled a little bit. It became so uncomfortable all of a sudden that even the air around them felt damp. As if it was suffocating them.

A moment passed in silence, allowing herself to think. She tried to reevaluate her feelings when she saw no improvement with Yunho’s raging emotions. If what she just said was her honest feelings for that moment, it absolutely didn’t feel like it. The unpleasant feeling made her feel sick. Her throat started to tighten and she had to use all her remaining strength for her to focus.

‘That’s beside the point,’ he quietly said in the end.

BoA thought for a while. Finally regaining her right logic, she twisted her face and felt like dying. This is why she never allowed herself to jump to conclusions. That she would rather keep her thoughts inside rather than to say her piece. To not get herself too attached.

She has this tendency to always overthink and make her say senseless stuff while reigned by emotion, and then complicate things for everyone involved. Embarrassing herself in the process because this is not how she wanted to be perceived by anyone.

Really? Comparing him to a boyfriend by the way he worried about me? Wow. I must be crazy.

‘Sorry, Yundol… I didn’t mean it that way. You’re my bestfriend. Of course you’re going to be worried about me no matter what,’ she followed, looking real ashamed of her reaction earlier.

The young man let out a deep sigh and looked at BoA sharply. ‘How do you even come up with these stupid things?!’ He fumed, the irritation seeping through his voice.

‘What now?’

‘I’ve got a full schedule. Juggling our concert tour and the upcoming drama while attending several shows and interviews in between. Do you really think I’ve got that much time to go back in Korea just for the day and return back tomorrow to Japan only coz you’re my bestfriend? Really… You think that’s it?’

By now, Yunho was out of breath. The anger in his voice was far too great now to stop himself. Yet, she couldn’t justify where it was stemming from.

‘You’re tired. Stay for the night here and rest.’ BoA held his hand as she stood up, meaning to pull him up from the couch and direct him to an empty room in her house, only, he just wouldn’t budge.

‘Answer me.’

BoA kept on ignoring him and tried to pull him with every ounce of her energy, to no avail. ‘Don’t make it so hard on me or else I’ll have to kick you out instead!’

‘Answer me!’ he repeated stubbornly.

BoA let out an audible grunt and balled her fists. It seemed like he wouldn’t let her be at peace without answering him. Then might as well end it right now.

‘Fine. Then yes! Of course I would do that, too if I knew you could’ve been in an accident and I wasn’t there to make sure you’re okay! Especially that for the two of us, we seem like we’re always running out of time…!’ BoA gushed on without thinking the effect of her words afterwards.

For this moment, it wasn’t important.

And as for her pride? She would gladly forget that for one second of total vulnerability. To just be honest with herself and answer him truthfully.

‘I would go crazy! I can’t even bring myself and imagine it!’ She continued, her emotions pouring out nonstop. She did try to hold herself back but it was already too late for that and there was nothing she could do about it but expose this side of her.

Just this once. She will allow her soul to be naked in front of him.

Yunho blinked a couple of times, gaping at her. His voice disappeared as his whole body was paralyzed from the outburst.

‘Do you realize what you just said?’ He asked slowly.

‘What is there to realize, Yundol? Do you think I’m lying to you now?!’

‘No! I don’t want to think those were just empty words!’ He reasoned out, his voice a bit defensive. Yunho stood up so he can look at her in the eyes. He touched her shoulders and leaned towards her. His eyes meeting hers directly this time.

‘H-hey… Get out of my face, you dummy…’

Yunho merely smiled. He wasn’t lost now. As a matter of fact, he was more than sure of himself — about the two of them — more than anything in this world.

‘You love me.’

The shock in her eyes was so intense, BoA had to take a step back and enclose herself in her protective barrier again. ‘You really are stupid!’ She yelled, her face burning. ‘Since when did I ever say those words?!’ She sounded real upset and she needed time to cool her head with the sudden blow that came out of no where. She turned around and walked away, meaning to lock herself inside her room until he leaves for good. She didn’t want to deal with him anymore but Yunho was far too quick for her to make an escape. With a few quick strides, he caught up to her and grabbed her hand. With his tightening grip, she had no choice but to look at him.

‘Let me go!’

Yunho ignored her protests. ‘So tell me, would you have thought the same way if it were Changmin or any other guy, instead?’

BoA looked away. ‘I don’t need to answer that.’

Yunho’s smile widened. He was confident on this one. ‘You wouldn’t, would you?’

‘Since when did you learn to put words in my mouth?’ She spat as her last resort to evade his questioning.

The young man shrugged his shoulders, finally letting go of her hand. He dug his hands inside his pockets and looked away, purposely giving up so he could give her a breathing space to herself. She looked too tense already as it is for him to keep pushing his luck.

But the fact that he wouldn’t do something as rash like this except when it concerns BoA, and that the little giant would’ve acted just the same if it were him in that situation, what other proof does he need to reassure himself? He’ll rather allow BoA to think about this further by herself than to press her anymore than what she could take at the moment.

Anyway, there was no use forcing her to express things she didn’t want to say out loud when she’s not ready. Deep in his heart, he already knows what is real.

For right now, it was enough.

‘All I want was to make sure you’re fine with my own two eyes that’s why I came back. Now that I’ve seen you well, I’ll go ahead and go back to Japan tomorrow. Right away, if you want.’

BoA just stared at him with a stunned expression. One second, he was being so insistent, forcing her out of her comfort zone so that she could express her true feelings regarding the issue out loud and then another second, he just dropped the ball and left it at that?

What was that?!

BoA felt anxious. It didn’t feel right.

Without another word, Yunho turned around to start for the door when BoA caught his hand this time. He looked back and was greeted by a confused expression from her. She kept biting her lip and was staring hard on their now intwined fingers.

‘Why do I feel like I was cheated. Like I was made to say something I should not have? Did I miss anything?’

Yunho bursted out laughing that he had to pull his hand back and hug himself from gagging too hard. There were even tears at the corner of his eyes now.

‘I did not cheat on you, you dork! It was all you! I just happened to push all the right buttons this time to know the answers I was looking for. Have you not heard about reverse psychology before?’

BoA didn’t look convinced. ‘I’m not stupid, Yundol. I know what a freakin’ reverse psychology is.’ She paused to take a deep breath. ‘I assure you, I’m not going to fall for any of that. But I guess I should be glad you’re finally getting out of my house,’ she spat, refusing to listen to any of Yunho’s words. She wouldn’t get cheated. Ever.


She was so geared up to prove to him she wasn’t going to fall for any of his tricks, only to be diffused abruptly. ‘You make me so angry!’ BoA screeched with that effortless response.

‘But I did not say anything.’ His voice was so calm and his face was so calm. Everything about him was at this point of complete serenity that she’s beginning to really lose it.

‘Then say something! Don’t just leave like that and confuse me!’

There was a slow grin that started to spread on his face. ‘So tell me, what do you want to hear?’ And although his voice was soft, there was touch of taunting in it. He took a step closer but she took one back as well. Their closeness made her panic inside so she had to do something to stop it. ‘Come on. Tell me while I’m still asking so nicely.’

‘What can you possibly do worst than this, anyway?!’ She demanded taking another step back despite the defiance in her voice. Inside, she could feel her heart thumping crazily. She actually felt like passing out any minute now.

‘Oh I don’t know… Something rash, maybe? Who knows?’

Without her realizing it, she was already by the couch. Her legs bumped into it causing her to to lose her balance and fall down on the seat. Yunho bent her back to look at her.

‘Just think about it for one second before we really run out of time.’

BoA shut her eyes. Like a pulse that demanded to be felt and make her feel alive, there were three words that suddenly echoed in her heart. Three words that up to this point she refuses to admit to herself.

She knows it’s game over once she accepts this new reality for herself.

But getting a new beginning with him doesn’t sound too bad, either. She thought and then let out an exasperated sigh.

‘Whatever. Think whatever you want to think. It seems like we’re on the same wavelength, anyway,’ she finished with a wave of her hand.

Now grinning, Yunho cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

‘H-hey!’ She scowled, completely horrified, as she touched her forehead. Her face was flushed and her eyes widened in utter surprise.

‘Yes. I love you, too,’ Yunho returned with his most handsome smile.

‘Oh shut up. I never said that!’ She retorted back, still blushing. BoA’s teeth were clenched together. She wanted to scream at him for the absurdity of it all, but she couldn’t find her voice anymore. She was empowered by all sorts of emotion that she was deemed powerless to act on any of it anymore.

She glared at the young man so fiercely but he just stared back cooly.

‘Oh you don’t have to say anything. As you’ve said, we’re already on the same wavelength, anyway.’




– – –

Oh darn.

I had a good vision how this story would progress. I mean, the idea was awesome (at least to myself). BoA posted a busted tire on her IG on May 30 and then we had this paparazzi picture of Yunho coming to back to Korea in May 31 (it’s the picture I used for this fic).



But a good prompt nonetheless so ta-dah! But in the middle of this fic, I kinda got lost where I was headed so yeah. It ended like this. Which sucks. But not by much at least. I like sassy and a little pushy Yunho as was exemplified here. Just that, I’m not confident if the message got across as I would like. It might’ve confused you with the turn of events whatnot so if you have any questions or clarification, do hit me up. I’d gladly explain it to you. LOL!

Thanks for reading anyway!

– – –

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

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    • Haha! Thanks Corinne :3

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  2. but seeing his (cute) flustered face in the paparazzi picture makes me think this was true 🙂

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