Very Slow Improvement

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This feels quite unpleasant.

So lately, I’ve been drawing stuff. Since I’ve been drawing for quite sometime now, I would’ve expected myself to be at least a little bit more progressive but then it seems like I’m stuck.

For a very long time now.

Whenever I draw, it’s still the same pose, the same angle, the same feel… JUST. LIKE. THAT. You get the picture?


It’s so frustrating how I cannot push myself more. I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others but there has been a lot of instances where I feel so inferior.


I really need to calm myself down. Remind myself that each person has its own pacing.

I do, too!

Just… A bit slower than the others but a progress nonetheless. Haha!

Oh well, midnight drama. I think it’s coz I’m hungry. Hahahahahahahaha!

4 Responses to “Very Slow Improvement”

  1. Go ahead and take your time because I know for sure your creation are what you call “work of art”. Listen to your favorite songs because inspiration is creation!
    *I have this moments too!*

  2. Hi Lexie, maybe you can practice drawing people in real life, to give you more ideas for poses, I love a life drawing session; if they have any where you are, i highly recommend it. If you find yourself drawing a lot of frontal poses (for example), do some 3/4 just for kicks. Check out art history and see how the masters dealt with doing the same old poses. Good luck 🙂 -David

    • Thank you David for your advice! I wish I could draw more… That’s my problem, the lack of time so my progress has been somewhat stagnant. I really need to manage my time wisely… Haha :3 Thanks again!!!!

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