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Well apparently, this blog just turned 4!


Then that makes 11 years of continuous blogging for me! Yikes! Who would have thought right?

But *sigh*

If only easyjournal didn’t die in 2010, then that would be 7 years-worth of journal entry for me to look back to. Those years, vividly recorded in writing… Unfortunately, I could only remember vague instances now.


I’ll just have to make more memories again! And anyway, I enjoy WordPress so yeah :3

Congrats to me!

16 Responses to “4Years”

  1. Congratulations! 😀 how are you?
    been a while ^^

  2. wow u blog a lot!

  3. wait 11 years? there were blogging sites in 2003???

  4. hahaha really!! then I picture our age gap to be really big… HAHAHAHA!

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