It’s Foolish To Let It Go

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It was last Friday I think when my good friend Klao e-mailed me. She asked me if my sister has a green card coz apparently, a company where she lives is in need of a Teacher. April doesn’t hold a green card yet and I’m more than positive that she won’t go to Japan so I just casually told her what if I fill in the position instead?

And from there started a whirlwind of events that will totally shape my future in all unimaginable ways.

So at first, I declined the offer. I don’t think I have the heart to leave my work so abruptly and to leave my mom by herself. But then, when I opened the topic with my Dad, he was very enthusiastic about the whole thing and told me that it is wise to grab on to the opportunity right away.

And I guess every parent would be compelled to say so when this job offers a handsome amount of money as a monthly salary and then they will provide you with a fully furnished solo apartment (they will help you find one), car and bike and oh, an ipad. (of course you pay for your apartment, gas and utilities but still)

It is really a win-win situation! They don’t even require you to have any teaching experience whatnot. THEY JUST WANT SOMEBODY –ANYBODY — FOR THE POSITION AT THE SOONEST POSSIBLE TIME.

So yeah.

If it was a different circumstance from me, like, if only my work is not so shitty as it is right now with a store project left and right, then I’d be at so much ease to leave everything behind without feeling so guilty…

But it is a really terrible timing and I regret leaving everything just like that but hey. I’m doing this for the future of my family. My salary is five times more than what I am earning right now so really, it’s foolish to pass this up…

I already got the requirements from the contact person and later, imma review it with my mom. I’ll gather all the necessary documents and suck it. Leave my current job for a better future.

It’ll be difficult for the people I will leave behind but well… i’ve always been a selfish person…


– – –

Couldn’t send my cover letter and resume right away coz there was a typhoon and power outage since yesterday so ugh. Damn this unfortunate event but I’m still pushing for this. Wait for me~!

6 Responses to “It’s Foolish To Let It Go”

  1. what position is that? but wells, good luck c:

  2. Congratulations, I hope this works out for you! 🙂

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