Nowhere & Nothing

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Rated M: Continue at your own risk.

– – –

She didn’t say anything.

She expressed everything she wanted to happen between them that night through her actions alone.

It was crazy.

But she didn’t care.



BoA clutched a portion of his shirt and pushed him down the bed. She climbed up and sat just above his torso as she cupped his cheeks and kissed him passionately. Filling her head with only good memories before it’s shattered with loneliness as soon as she faces a new reality.

There was a burning sensation that coursed through his body. Their tongues slipping together, making the both of them breathless in the frenzy. The smell of alcohol was still there but it only made them crave more of each other’s touch.

BoA pulled away and then started unbuttoning her shirt. She slipped one of her sleeves off her shoulder and then the other one. In a split second, her shirt was already splayed on the floor, followed by her bra, as she started lifting up Yunho’s shirt up his head this time so she could marvel at his own well chiseled body.

She has never seen him this close before.

He was just so beautiful.

Her fingers danced carefully on top of his chest, tracing each contour of his body when Yunho grabbed her wrist and then pinned her underneath him. Her legs were now in between his strong ones, making sure she’s trapped underneath him.

He didn’t mean to be too rough but his mind was already so full of her that he wanted nothing more but to be much closer to her.

She allowed him to reign over her at least this one time. She stayed still as his grip tightened on both her wrists until he started kissing her jaw with such thirst. BoA moaned and bit her lip with ecstasy. Knowing full well his effect on her, Yunho pushed his limits and became more daring. He glided one of his hand across her chest and started molding her breast in between his fingers. He could already feel her tip hard on his touch and the pleasure only added to the aching he was feeling around his groin.

His kisses trailed along her neck, and then around her collarbone until ultimately, his tongue circled around her nipple, sucking and licking in between.

BoA whimpered, unable to control the delightful bliss Yunho was giving her.

It didn’t even matter that what they were about to do might permanently stain their friendship. But when BoA decided to do it, and with him agreeing for the reason that he’d do anything for her even if it’ll hurt him in the end, they inevitably got caught up in the moment too soon. There was no time to actually think things through.

Earlier, BoA asked him to stay after a small get together at her house, he knew right away what was bound to happen next. And honestly, he wouldn’t be able to resist her even with the right logic, anyway.

Finally alone by themselves, they swam in a tension filled silence. It was just them, side by side, with alcohol in hand to hide the fleeting fear in their hearts. It was a few more minutes when he felt her touch his hand, entwining their fingers together. When he couldn’t help the longing anymore, he looked at her and saw BoA already leaning forward.

Everything became a blur.

All he remembered was that he reached for her and caressed her cheek as their lips touched each other for the first time. The hunger in between their kisses was definitely there and they were so consumed by the moment that when BoA pulled away, it was only so she could direct him to her room where they could dip their feet in a more dangerous ground they never dared to go before this.



‘Yunho…’ She moaned, wrapping her arms around his back. She could feel him smile against her skin but he didn’t stop and continued caressing her breast as he mounded on the other one.

BoA tried not to scream so she whimpered in pleasure instead. But Yunho was far from being satisfied. Before BoA could figure out what was happening, Yunho’s hand already travelled down her stomach, just above her center and stroked it ever so slowly.

‘Yunho…!’ She cried as another wave of sensation washed over her. The sound of his name was music to his ears. He wanted her to scream his name more.

Over and over again.

Determined to go further, he pulled her skirt and underwear, and tossed it on the ground. Soon, his hands were already around her thighs and then slipped a finger in between her folds, touching her in ways he’s never done before.

BoA reacted fast and arched her back out of sheer pleasure. It was insane how a simple touch could shot her right to oblivion.

That she didn’t care anymore if she was still doing it as an excuse, or as something she really wanted to do with him deep in her heart.

Because Yunho’s perfect.

He’ll play the part of whatever her little mind would wish him to be, whether he agreed to it or not. It was a dangerous game and she knew she’s being selfish when she chose him, knowing that he wouldn’t be able say no.

His finger rubbed her nub vigorously as BoA began to really lose it, heightened by the unexplainable sensation. And as if that wasn’t enough, he finally inserted his fingers inside that really made her scream.

He drowned her voice as he kissed her on the lips, thrusting his fingers repeatedly in her moist core. He knew any minute now that she was about to cum and even just the thought was enough to make him hard. BoA pulled away from kissing and breathed heavily, the same time Yunho pulled out his fingers.

‘Are you really sure?’ He whispered to her ear. It took a second too long before she nodded her head, eyes still shut, not yet recovering from the premature release.

‘Do it.’

He gave her one last look before he got down the bed and unbuttoned his pants. Their eyes met as he pulled down his jeans and underwear, exposing his length, long and hard.

Both of them vulnerable in each other’s eyes.

As she looked closely, his face looked rather somber — penetrating. As if there was a quick hesitation that flashed in his eyes but was quick enough to pass. He held her gaze but she looked away guiltily in the end.

With that confirmation, he smiled one last time and poised himself before her. He spread her legs as he slid his length inside of her. BoA tried to brace herself from him but nothing could really prepare her from the pain as if it was tearing her apart.

It hurt for a while as she adjusted to his shaft. He moved slowly at first, making sure that she could handle him. When he saw that the pained look was now transitioning to something more sensual as she started to feel more pleasure, he started to pick up his pace.

Her warmth wrapped around him as he went in and out was making him insane.

This is the woman that he loves and he’s making love with her.

Yunho adjusted himself so he could lean closer. Their breaths mingling together, her moaning getting louder by the second.

She grabbed his neck when she was nearing her climax. Yunho was now groaning, tired, but never slowing down. Sweat trickled down his back and his whole body feeling hot. He’s almost reaching his climax as well and it was the point where there was really no going back.

‘Yunho…’ She wailed, digging her fingers on his skin. ‘I’m sorry. I really am sorry…’


‘You know, you can stay for the night.’

Yunho turned back and smiled at her. He fixed his hair, buying some time before answering. Because he knew that even after today, he’s still nowhere and nothing to BoA. That all he could ever manage to get himself was traces of her.

Never the full her.

‘No, I’ll go so you can rest well. You still have a big flight tomorrow–‘

‘And I’m not gonna see you for a long while…’ Her voice trailed off and was followed by a long silence.

‘You can always call me when you’re bored in the the US.’

BoA smiled weakly and walked towards him for a hug. ‘Thank you Yunho and I’m sorry…’

Yunho looked at her tenderly and patted her head. ‘There’s no need for that. Don’t feel that I was forced to fill that void,’ Yunho closed his eyes and tried not to cry.

Even if you use me to forget your loneliness… even if I still don’t mean anything to you, I’ll always be here.

Because I love you.




I’m nowhere and nothing.

But you will always be my everything.



– – –


So one day, I was just… Welp, imma do it. I REALLY AM GONNA DO IT.

And this where it leads us all in the end… HAHA!

TBH, I had a serious mental debate whether to really post it on here on not. For sure, people would start to judge me (and the best friend reads my blog JFC!) but you know what, IDC. It’s not like a cheap smut anyway (given that you actually get why BoA used him like that and why Yunho agreed to it).

I’ve always wanted to tiptoe on this plot line so yeah. Thanks for reading!

– – –

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Nowhere and Nothing

5 Responses to “Nowhere & Nothing”

  1. omg hahhaha what did i just read
    but i think it was good!! hahahhaahha but i dont get the ‘using’ part tho

    • Oh nooooo! You read it and you’re still youngggggg! I feel bad. Lol!

      Anyway, maybe the whole meaning behind this is a blur… So lemme just clear out some points in case somebody stumbles upon this as well.

      Well, it’s a vague implication but the setting for this story was in 2008. The year BoA was slated to debut in the US. During that time, she was only around 21-22 years old. A tender age where you’re supposed to be in your prime. Where you’re supposed to ‘have it all’. But then suddenly, she was told she’s going to try and break in into the US market…

      We all know she’s a professional entertainer and is mature enough to handle business but when it comes to her personal feelings, she’s a bit weak on that aspect. So she needed to relieve that stress and her ‘brilliant’ way of doing that quickly was to ask for help from a person who will never say no to her.

      She knew Yunho will do everything for her even if if it’s for something so selfish. Yunho was aware of it. And even though making love with her was something he could only dream to do with her, if it’s without love, it wasn’t the same. It’s just wasn’t the same. But it was alright (it’s not). Because he loves her enough to be used. BoA also knows this, how selfish she is and Yunho being so accepting of it regardless, that’s why she kept on apologizing to him.


      Sorry long post :3

      But really! It’s not a cheap smut! Haha!!!

  2. I got bored so I was rereading your fics and gosh i remember this, THIS IS SO GOOD btw. I like smut with actual plot so kudos to you, lexie. AND WTH IS CORINNE DOING HERE OMG SHE’S TOO YOUNG TO BE HERE!!!!!!!

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