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If I Stay is a novel by Gayle Forman published in 2009. In December 2010 it was announced that a movie adaptation would be in the works with Dakota Fanning, Chloe Grace Moretz and Emily Browning rumored to play the part of Mia Hall. However, it was only in October 2013 when the shooting finally started and in August 2014, the movie was finally released nationwide.



So I was hanging out with my friends when one of them just told me we’re watching a movie that day. Just like that. I’ve been busy with work and fangirling, that I was a bit out of the loop with the current trends in the West. That’s why I was really hesitant to go with her to watch If I Stay and then regret my time over it.

I mean, I absolutely don’t have any idea what the movie was even about. Didn’t know the cast nor the fact that it was based from a novel but by some twist of fate, I ended up at the cinemas and found myself enjoying the whole thing! Ghad. I didn’t expect that this unexpected event would be so delightful and heart warming that I was just so taken by it.


First off, the main character was very likable. I actually don’t know anything about Chloe Grace Moretz (and to think she’s had a lot of gigs prior to this movie!), but I thought she was pretty good portraying her character. And she’s really so pretty, too! Ugh.

I’m not so sure if it was a double (and if it was, she looked like her actual twin!) who was playing the cello so believably but dang… if it was actually her, like she specifically learned how to play the cello for her role then props to that! Those scenes with Mia playing the cello was oozing with so much burning passion that it would be so hard not to love the craft.

And although Mia’s musicality was one of the most integral part of the whole story, I can’t help but shift most of my attention to Mia and Adam’s love story… (although the whole cast was amazing! The Dad and Mom was really adorable and inspiring that you would want to be just like them when you start your own family but I’ll try not to touch on that so much now.)


And of course there’s Adam played by Jamie Blackley. For once, in a long while, we get a leading man that is a combination of everything: good looking, charismatic, talented, charming, pure and romantic. Like Adam, although flawed, is still so perfect! He is so likable that I just really really enjoy seeing  Mia and Adam’s love story unfolds as they go through their ups and down in the movie.

But he’s not the only one you should keep your eyes on. Believe it or not, Mia’s parents were just as lovable! They were definitely the cool parentals. Both funny and reasonable. They weren’t the conventional type of family but they were still so grounded and loving. Watching them inspired me to be just like them. Not too controlling but with a clear direction how they would guide their children. On top of that, they showed such honesty and pure love for each of their family members. That’s why when it was said that they died a tragic death, I had an excruciating pain in my chest… I mean, aside from killing them, they also killed her little brother! Just when they said he was stable! Ugh………………

Anyway, that was pretty much how the story spun.


In conclusion, the movie wasn’t complicated, yet, it was a beautifully crafted story that showed sincerity between each characters that would leave you with such touching feeling inside. It’ll give you good vibes although you’ll be constantly at the edge of your seat, waiting to see if Mia would survive this ordeal or give up altogether and stop hurting anymore. In a way, it was like Mia’s turning point in the series.

It was some journey and honestly, if I were in her position, it would be so much easier to just give up…

And I thought she was giving up.

As we were watching the movie towards the end, Mia’s consciousness suddenly turned white, and there was a complete silence. The whole theater was silent! Waiting… and waiting until in a split second, they showed Mia open her eyes and the ending credit started rolling in and we were like confused and I can’t help but blurt out, “That was it?!”

I guess nobody expected it to end that way. That everybody must’ve thought she’d die eventually and/or regain her consciousness and reunite with Adam but that was it.

Strangely enough, I LOVED HOW THEY ENDED IT THAT WAY. It was… It was refreshing. They didn’t have to go through all the trouble explaining Mia’s feelings what not. And honestly, that was not necessary. In fact, that would be so overrated that’s why… That’s why ending the movie like that made much more sense and impact.

Oh! If you could’ve just seen us all in the cinema hold our breath in that final scene, you know that each one of us were hooked. HAHA!

And oh! Another mentionable tidbits. The soundtrack for this movie is an absolute love! I enjoyed each of the songs! Especially Adam’s songs! They did great in the whole movie production :3 I’m so glad I got myself dragged into watching this else, I would’ve missed my chance to see such an amazing movie. HAHA!

In closing, I really recommend this film and I do hope you watch it! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

(sorry for my failing engrish. it’s like 430am and im so tired… lol!)

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2 Responses to “Review: If I Stay”

  1. I wished you’d read the book before seeing the movie. But the story sticks really closely to the book and the ending is the same so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Something they did change though is at the end, it isn’t Adam’s song that Mia wakes up to but classical music. I was bummed that they changed it because in the movie Adam’s music playing makes it seem like Mia was waking up FOR him, whereas in the book Mia waking up to classical music, her music, represents her waking up to continue her own life, for her own sake. And in the book, Adam does the whole begging Mia to wake up speech but he tells her that he knows it might be painful for her to go back to her old life without her family so if she needs a fresh start and for Adam to not be a part of her new life anymore, then he will let her go, so as long as she wakes up, he’ll do anything for her. I thought that was important too because it shows that Mia’s life isn’t contingent on Adam. But I guess they did it this way in the movie because they don’t have plans to adapt the sequel into a movie so If I Stay will have to stand alone. And it does. Overall it was a really well done adaptation.

    • Oh man. I wish they retained Adams speech, tho! And the way you described it seems much more meaningful. Especially that it is about Mia and her struggle to stay alive… Ugh. This is the few times I watched a movie without reading the novel first (like Divergent tho the movie was good, too. I’VE BEEN MISSING A LOT! Glad I’ve been reading your review so I’m at least a little bit informed. Haha!)

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