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I’ve always said that I’m afraid or quite hesitant for any serious commitment with anyone. That I really would rather choose an unattached relationship over exclusivity between the two if us.

Which is really kinda messed up.

And I know it is. In a way. And it sucks.

I’m not saying this coz I was involved in a bitter break up whatnot (tho I don’t really care TBH). I guess I’m saying this because I’ve always been disappointed by men who I try to get emotionally involved with.

I know I’m willing to invest my time and feelings for that someone but along the way, they just mess it up and give up on me (!!!) and it’s been a repeated cycle and I’m just soooo tired of it all.


I’m happy by myself. I have all my ‘superficial’ stuff to make me happy at the moment and maybe that’s enough. I don’t know. Who knows?

But for right now, I could care less.

(Late night thoughts. Ghad am I even making sense? Haha! I need to go to bed.)

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