Throwing Some Shade

In Life, Personal, Rant on September 14, 2014 by lexie-chan Tagged: , ,

I have never… in all my life… been employed in a company that throws so much shade on their OWN employees as much as my current job and I’m just so soooooo BAFFLED by all the lies spawning here left and right and I swear to God, my respect for this company has reached its all time low that I’ll be laughing my fucking ass off if I see them blow up themselves or deliver themselves to hell coz man… you don’t want to fucking fuck with the employees that is practically running your company. You only have the money. WE EMBODY THE SKILLS THAT YOU NEED TO EVEN FUCKING RUN THIS COMPANY.


I can’t even explain my feels.


Go fuck yourself for all I care. I’ll be gone before you even know it and I only have my middle finger to kiss you goodbye.

*sass off*

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