Fork in the Road

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It was so last minute when they informed them that the meeting for the day was cancelled. In fact, they were already at the office when their managers announced that the MISSHA representatives wouldn’t be able to make it due to the sudden heavy downpour.

Left with nothing else to do, BoA dragged Yunho to the nearby coffee shop while Changmin excused himself to play with Kyuhyun.

‘To be honest, I wanted to swing by a bar and have a couple of shots but I don’t think that’s the smartest thing to do at this hour.’

Yunho chuckled and crinkled his nose in amusement. ‘Of course you’d want that.’

‘But well, drinking coffee isn’t half bad…’

The young man merely smiled as the two fell in a comfortable silence, allowing the soft rainfall fill the stillness of the place. In its own way, it felt perfect.

It was just perfect.

The rain kept on pouring outside as a slow melody now played in the background.

BoA busied herself stirring her half finished coffee until even that bored her. She tried to distract herself some other way like fiddling with her phone but nothing was entertaining enough to lift her boredom. Sighing, she looked up, ready to mingle with another human being.

‘What should we do now?’

Finally regarding him, Yunho perked his head up and showed a short smile before falling into a deep thought. His bushy eyebrows were creased together as he rubbed his chin in deep concentration. ‘Iuno. Anything…’ he muttered until in that same split second, his eyes just sort of brightened up and shot her an excited look. ‘Or actually, why don’t we spend our free time getting to know each other!’

BoA gave him a baffled look. ‘That’s… That’s quite–‘

‘Brilliant! Isn’t it?!’ He beamed, looking pleased with himself.

‘Boring. I was about to say boring.’

His face twisted into a horrified look. ‘What made you even say that!’ he proceeded to ask, looking quite hurt. ‘I honestly wanted to know more about you.’

‘We’ve known each other for more than 10 years. There’s nothing else to know, really.’

Yunho crossed his arms in defiance and pouted. ‘I’m sure there’s plenty I still want to know about you.’ BoA just stared at him in disbelief. It’s quite astonishing how he can get so excited (and annoying) over trivial stuff.


‘Yes I’m sure! Like… like I actually really wanna know why you stopped wearing multiple earrings all of a sudden. Don’t you obsess yourself with piercings before?’

It was now BoA’s turn to chuckle at his absurd question. ‘Really? You wanna know those kind of stuff?’

‘It’s within my scope of interest.’




Yunho bit his lip. ‘So why don’t you wear them anymore?’

BoA narrowed her eyes on him feeling a bit discomfited. ‘Oh.’


‘You were serious about that.’

Yunho took a deep breath and sighed. He adjusted his seat and leaned closer to her. Gazing at her eyes intently. ‘I wanna know everything.’

Pressured, BoA closed her eyes, finally caving in to his ridiculous whims. Anyway, she’s quite curious as to how he’s going to entertain her with stupid questions.

At least it’s a far more interesting topic than any of the usual questions I get, she thought. ‘Fine. Then I guess I’ll play along.’

‘And you’ll be honest, too?’

‘And why would I lie?’

Yunho looked satisfied. ‘Just making sure…’ he trailed off cryptically and then focused again. ‘So?’

BoA let out a barely audible groan before answering. ‘Earrings are still cool and trendy, don’t get me wrong. But I guess in a way, it doesn’t seem to quite suit me anymore.’ She paused for a while. ‘I’m old.’

Yunho laughed heartily. ‘We’ve grown alright. So anyway,’ he interjected, already moving on to the next question, ‘do you still pester your brothers about your online orders?’

‘Excuse your face, Yundol. Who ever told you I pester them with my online purchases?’ She frowned slapping her hand on the table, almost toppling the cup of coffee she was playing with earlier.

‘Oh… you don’t know the things hyung tells me when you’re not around…’

‘As if!’ She glared at him but decided not to argue anymore. Deep down, she knew that she might have acted like a spoiled brat around her big brothers. But of course she was too stubborn to admit it in front of Yunho, who pretty much caught her red handed anyway.

She lowered her hands underneath the table and focused her attention scraping her chipped nail polish off. She was already making a mental note to schedule a visit to the nail salon later that day by how bad her hands would look after this.

Yunho gave her a suspicious look while his lips turned up into a knowing smile. ‘Do… do you, by any chance, still do that thing with your nails?’ He mused, demonstrating it for her.

BoA’s shoulders turned rigid as she immediately stopped playing with her hands. Suddenly, she was overtaken by an uncomfortable feeling being under Yunho’s scrutinizing gaze. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

‘Even if I still do, who cares,’ she said cooly but her red face betrayed her altogether. ‘Okay, I’m tired of this game. Let’s go.’ BoA grabbed her cup of coffee, about to finish it when Yunho halted her.

‘No,’ he cut in. ‘At least not after answering my last question.’

BoA measured him evenly with curious eyes, noticing how his playful mood was suddenly replaced with this serious expression on his face. She was a bit concerned now with all the subtle cues he’s been displaying. She wouldn’t want to leave without making sure he’s fine or at least assure him that she’s going to be there for him no matter what.

After all, who knows what’s going on in his mind…

She wouldn’t take any chances.

BoA stayed on her seat, the cup of coffee still in her hand.

‘And you’re still going to answer my question honestly, right?’ He moaned — pleaded — as if his life depended on it.

BoA nodded her head carefully.

‘About anything? Whatever it is?’

BoA hesitated for a second and all the more worried she looked. Yunho has always kept to himself. But this time, he allowed a small window where she could peer into his heart. Perhaps an invitation to bring them even closer together.

There were so many things going on in her head that’s why she was really unprepared when Yunho reached for her hand and held it in between his. He gave her a little squeeze and looked at her eyes tenderly, mixed with a certain intensity in them. She blushed fiercely against her will. The young lady wanted to look away but she was too hypnotized by him to even move a muscle.

BoA closed her eyes and forced herself to focus, in the hopes that it would calm her heart. It’s about him, not hers. She shouldn’t get distracted by her own erratic heart.

She slowly opened her eyes, now, with an obvious determination burning through them.

She wouldn’t disappoint him.

Not Yunho.

‘Tell me. I’ll listen to everything you’ll ask and I promise that I’ll be honest with you.’

Yunho never looked away, probably finding the right words to finally convey his feelings until eventually, his tight jaw loosened a little bit. He knew his voice would crack, too, but it didn’t matter. It’s far too late to stop himself now.

‘Do you… love me?’

His words echoed and then died between them. The room fell silent to the point that it was deafening. Even the rainfall outside seemed to mute itself as time stood still for the both of them. Yet, their heartbeats thundered in their ears with their body full of anxious feelings.

It was this point. The point of no return.

And then he saw a glimpse of her, now wondering how she’ll dismiss the question altogether. Like the way they’ve always avoided the fork in the road to true acceptance, afraid that walking that path will ruin them.

He kept watching her in silence, feeling his sweat trickle down his temples, half regretting letting those words slip through his lips.

Another mistake.

He drew his hands away slowly and turned his head away in shame.


Like a fool.

‘I’m sorry. It was a stupid question.’ His voice was small and full of dejection. But he will get over this, he knows. Anyway, there wasn’t much he was expecting from her so really, he shouldn’t be so disappointed.

‘Do I have to answer in words?’ Her voice came in as a surprise.

Yunho looked at her curiously, about to tell her that it didn’t matter anymore when he saw her stand from her seat and then slowly reached out to cup his cheeks. There wasn’t a hint of hesitation from her like she’s always had before because she was too careful not to reveal the full extent of her heart. And then everything became a blur when her lips touched his for a chaste kiss.

He realized that nothing mattered from this point on.

He just wanted to seal the moment in an eternal picture deep in his memory.

‘Can we go now?’

Yunho blinked, finally back to reality. He was still motionless on his seat, confused by everything that happened. He looked up dazedly and saw BoA already at his side, extending her hand for him to hold.

‘W-what…? What just happened?’ The confusion on his face was quite endearing that BoA chuckled as she pulled him up. Now standing so close together, BoA marveled at his well chiseled face and warm brown eyes. She was drawn to him even before. So much more than she thought she did, that’s why when he asked her the question, she knew she couldn’t deny herself from loving him anymore.

‘Are we not on the same page? I just answered your question. You said we’ll leave after that last one. Can we leave now?’

‘But that…!’

‘Oh that?’ she hummed innocently, ‘Why? I just thought I’d make our game a little bit interesting. You can’t be the only brilliant person here, you know!’ She teased cheerfully, a blush coloring her cheeks.

Yunho was still stunned, completely speechless with her unexpected boldness as if everything was just part of a dream. He shook his head and gripped her hand even tighter with confidence.

BoA smiled at him and he did, too so lovingly.

‘I told you, it was a brilliant idea.’






Because we need a fluffy YunBoA story to relieve the stress of everyday. HAHA! I actually have another 2 yunboa one shots that I’m still working on. And then an ONGOING FIC and the long overdue Sunny/Sungmin one shot. AIGOO.

If only I have more time so I can also do some drawings and more fanedits…

Anyway, its funny how I mentioned BoA scraping her nail polish coz it might as well be her habit?


And I actually wrote the fic before she released this picture. Haha! Just an interesting tidbit :3

– – –

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Fork in the Road

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