In the Future

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Yesterday, on my way home, I ran across my bestfriend’s husband. I didn’t see him at first coz I was so tired and I just wanted to go home.

But then he greeted me with a wide smile on his face and then suddenly, I miss my best friend Tin… Huhu…

Happy, in all the times I’ve met him, have always left a good impression on me. He’s thoughtful, funny and accommodating. I like the fact that he treats me as his family, too.

Eric, my other bestfriend’s husband, is also real nice. He’s soft spoken, understanding and sweet. When you see him for the first time, you already know that he’s a good person. (I still wonder how he was able to stand my bestfriend tho… She’s a difficult person… LOL! I’m kidding! I just wanna tease you ‘dalla coz I know you read this blog)

And then there’s me. Still single with not even a single prospect in sight. That actually sucks. Because of my sad saaaaaddd circumstances, I’ve always thought that maybe I’ll really grow old alone. I just really get that feel. And although it doesn’t bother me for the most part, i think it’ll be cool if even I get to meet my better half.

I hope like my bestfriends’ husbands, he will also be good. He’ll be able to accept the real me (the crazy and weird one) and treat me like a princess. Haha! I hope he’s good looking too. That will always be a plus! And iuno… I just hope he’s real and that I get to meet him soon. I’m tired of wasting my time on people that aren’t even willing to know me better.

Am I bitter?


But I can’t help it. I have so much love to give but nobody would even open their hearts to let me in and ghad. That was so corny. I’m not sure where I’m even going with this anymore and it’s late so maybe it’s time to shut my mouth and go to bed.

Hoping that in my dreams, I get to see him…

What the fuck. Shut up Lexie and all your nonsense!

(If Sidney and I ends up, I gotta say that all the waiting is worth it! Haha! There you go again, delulu self. Sidney is not into you. Get that in your head, Lexie. It’s been years.)


6 Responses to “In the Future”

  1. Hmm although I don’t know you personally, and I’m too young of age to say anything, I find this side of you very… interesting? I mean all we’ve done together was fangirl and stuff- I haven’t really got to see the realistic side of you and because of this blog HAHAHA I think I’ve gotten to know you more as a woman (what?) or maybe to understand people like you (‘cos generation gap. Ah.) and yeap. I just hope by knowing each other better we can get a little closer. Ahhhh what am I saying. Anyway (pst I’ve been thinking ahead a lot too because I have the tendency to think far far far away into future that I’d like to be independent and single when I’m in my 20s but the problem is when one is in her 30s romance is a difficult thing and growing old alone is utterly difficult so AHHHH either way I have years ahead of me HAHAHAHAH)

    • Haha, lol! Uhm, thank you? Haha! I like keeping a record of stuff that is happening around or about me. I like re-reading it again and be amazed by how much I was so different from who I was before and now. You’ll get it when you grow up :3 So don’t be surprised if this blog gets really personal. Kekeke :3 You should be blogging more often, too. I’ve had an online blog since 2003.

  2. Please tell me there’s a notifier on word press to tell me when you post something new? Anyways Lexie, as I keep telling my “older” friends, if “I” managed to find the “one”, then you have more than a hundred percent chance of finding yours! 🙂 remember I never thought I’d get married at all!!!

    • HAHA! I can vaguely remember that and look at T :3

      I guess I’m getting impatient now? But if I’ll truly look deep in my heart, I’m not at all lonely in my current state so… Yeah. Haha!

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