I don’t know how you call it a Merry Christmas

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(serious rambling ahead)


Work was so intense earlier today. I mean, our tasks were pretty much done already and truthfully, there’s nothing else to do now that the Christmas stuff were well out of the way and that the next big thing we’ll be working on would be the upcoming Chinese New Year in Feb but damnnnn… The boss just makes it a point you’re living a life in hell every time you’re at the office.

So I guess the word got out that I’m resigning in February (I still don’t know who ratted me out and told this to our Chairman, Managing Director and General Manager. Low life people. As if it was their story to tell like fuck, man. Didn’t even respect the fact that it was my personal decision and that above anything else, I should be the one saying this to our boss. At least out of common courtesy, right? JFC.).

And although it was a predetermined thing from the very beginning because damn, I’m going to the US and it’s not like I have any other choice but to resign, y’know. And anyway, these bitches seriously got nothing on me because it’s my life to live but NOOOOOOO. They make sure to really drag you down and make every little issue a reason to give us one hell of time at work.

So again, the Marketing department was under fire. Apparently, we were accused of not making any new cake tags to be displayed. AND OF COURSE, before even investigating the whole issue, here’s the petty boss bad mouthing us during the meeting in front of all the people in operations. Seriously. This stupid-low-life had the audacity to point fingers when IN FACT, the cause of the delay was from his very own Executive Assistant.


He was so busy blaming us when it was on their end that we’re having this delay. TBH, I’ve already finished the storyboard tags since December 2 (which I had to write for because OF COURSE, I’m a graphics artist but is still EXPECTED to WRITE for them, too. I never knew Graphic Artists were supposed to do this too. I don’t remember reading this under my job description. Luckily, I don’t exactly suck at writing BUT THE POINT IS, this is not my job and I’M NOT GETTING PAID for doing this and those marketing duties as well. Fuck errbody) and been waiting for feedback ever since, but he didn’t have the common sense to ask us first and proceeded putting the blame on us automatically, as if it’s the most logical way there is.

So, shaming us so blatantly in front of everybody behind our backs (not exactly behind our backs, but we weren’t in the conference room while he ranted away, so same thing), the boss then said that we’re gonna talk to the head of HR and possibly hold our 13th month pay because of this.

It gets better, right?

I know I’ve said this before but I seriously don’t know how long I’ll be able to endure this unfair treatment anymore. Like we’re dogs and always at their mercy and fuck. I really want to punch someone in the throat right now and just–


If it comes down to it then FIIIINNNEEEEE! I don’t need his money. If it’s gonna add to his millions then so be it! I don’t want his filthy money if he’ll just trample us in the end just coz he’s paying us. I don’t need this kind of treatment from people who is educated yet more horrible than any savages out there.

I’m done. I’m so done.

And this is supposed to be a happy time, too.

Well, go fuck yourself for all I care.

6 Responses to “I don’t know how you call it a Merry Christmas”

  1. That’s one thing I learned at work – trust no one. Everyone has the potential to become a snake. Especially people who have power at their disposal. Overly close friendly friends too. That is the sad reality that we are now living in a world so advanced that it’s pretty much every man for himself (hope that made sense) but yeah. I’ve had it too. Still wishing for that dream job to come along some day…hang in there Lexie! You are better than them!

    • I’ve never, in my whole life, experienced something like this so I feel a betrayed. And I usually have great relationship with people. Sigh… It was a dream job for me! Being a graphic artist and having to see my stuff in our store and stuff but with those kind of terrible people, nope! Im not gonna settle for that. Let’s hope for the best ate!

  2. I’m not familiar with that scope of environment, but I sorta get your troubles. Very annoying yes. Sometimes it’s just like you’re already so busy but people add trouble and give you more to worry about- that I understand, it’s really annoying.

    Late comment but, hope things get better soon.

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