It’s so awesome and it’s only been three days!

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Okay, so compared last year where 2014 started with the Yoona and Seunggi dating scandal (not much of a scandal, really, but in Korea… well…) and then closely followed by Sooyoung and Kyung Ho dating scandal and the horrible Mr. Mr. promotion fiasco and I could go on and on describing just how 2014 sucks big time (and that doesn’t even include the fact that I got chained in this stupid work place and that my Mom had a heart attack and had to do bypass!) but in any case, at least in 2015, we’re starting it off quite smoothly :3


Yesterday, 2 days ago, we got a message from NVC reminding us of all the other documents we need to submit in order to further my Mom’s petition paper. And this is great! Because it means that we’re doing everything in accordance to their procedure despite the lack of any guidance from an Attorney. (I had to get some help before that cost me a fortune, mind you)

And then yesterday, I bought (well my Mom did because I’m hella broke as fak) my ticket to Chicago. I’ll be leaving in April 30th. Another start and although it’s a bit scary, I can’t help but feel a tinge of excitement coupled with it. Unlike my meek and weak self before, I think I’ve grown and become more confident :3


And then today, on the third day of January, a wonderful news have wafted the whole BoA community when it was announced that finally, FINALLY, we’re gonna have a Here I Am DVD!

It’s pretty damn well time for them to release one when it’s been 2 years since it happened! TWO FUCKIN’ YEARS! But it doesn’t end there! They have officially, you might say, announced that another full length album is well on its way very soon! Yes! This year! And let’s not forget that AVEX is also releasing Who’s Back DVD in Feb (and It is a MUST that I have it because I was there to watch it!!! Nothing more but a tangible remembrance of that wonderful concert) and I’m sure the subbed version for Big Match is already in the works and OMG… Such a joyous day, I swear!


And also, the bestfriend’s wedding’s coming up so another event to be excited for! That and my soon bum life when I quit work just in time when my sister visits from Singapore! Eep!

(Okay, not really gonna be bum coz imma be working as a flat colorist for my friend, as we talked about a while back, but still)

So yeah! I’m hoping 2015 is my year!




(i think i needa end my rambling to this point.)

2 Responses to “It’s so awesome and it’s only been three days!”

  1. Wow, it has been good for you… Not very good for me tho huehue I might blog about it if problems arouse and/or if I am bored. But it hasn’t been too bad either so okay…

  2. Sounds good to me Lexie! Keep moving forward! 🙂 I am searching for my niche too for I fear that I have lost me self again (career wise) Cheers to a better 2015 for us all!

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