Troubling Thoughts

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Troubling Thoughts

‘It bothers me. It really bothers me sometimes.’

Yunho looked quizzically in front of him. Soon Wook’s face was really red and his eyes were already fluttering. It doesn’t take a genius to tell how drunk he was at the moment. He may be older but BoA can easily outdrinks him any time of the day. In fact, the little giant was already mingling with the other guests drinking her, well, 8th bottle of beer of the night, and having the time of her life. You gotta give it to her when it comes to having fun.

Shaking his head, Yunho caught Soon Wook looking at his younger sister with a scowl.

‘I mean, just look at her! How can anybody allow her to wear a tight fitting white tank top over short shorts?!’ He grimaced while gesturing towards her. ‘You can totally see her underwear!’

Yunho resisted the temptation to look at her that instance. ‘But she always wears something like that for shows, concerts and whatnot,’ the younger man pointed out, as he gave up on his resolution and stole a quick glance over BoA’s direction. Before he knows it, his eyes already lingered on her for a good second and sighed before turning his attention back to his companion reluctantly.

‘I know! That’s why it’s even more frustrating because I can’t do anything about it!’ Despite his clouded vision, his aim was quite accurate when Soon Wook grabbed his bottle of soju, ready for another shot.

This Kwon family is impressive… Yunho thought to himself. ‘Well, it comes with the job…’ He murmured soothingly, as he poured himself a drink, to be polite. He turned to the side and took a shot of soju. His face twisted as he felt the warm liquor coursed through his throat.

It’s been a while since he went out with hardcore alcoholics. I mean, look at that little giant mixing her drinks and stuff but still looking like we just got started. He pouted, quite envious. He wished to have her tolerance.

Yunho glanced towards BoA’s direction again and traced the contour of her face. He noticed how beads of perspiration trickled down her neck, how some of her hair strands were stuck on her shoulders. He’s a bit worried how these troubling thoughts kept on occupying his mind. Every little detail about her, he wanted to take in…



BoA wiped her sweat with the back of her hand and then fanned herself. Her bracelets jingled as she did so and then smiled at the other guests who attended the after party in celebration for the release of Only One. They were mostly the staff who worked on the special stage and then him. Yunho felt special to be part of this intimate celebration.

Yunho kept on looking at her, biting his lower lip unconsciously as he watched her pull her hair up, uncovering her slender neck.

That’s so hot.

‘It’s so hot!’ She screamed, surprising him. He almost fell on his seat, afraid that he might have said his thoughts out loud. BoA earned quite a few giggles from everybody else around her instead. Yunho sighed and leaned his back on the chair comfortably, relieved that his dignity was at least still intact.

‘– don’t you agree?’

But it was short lived.

Yunho perked up at the question and then focused on his companion with a blank face. He was in a daze that he wasn’t really paying attention to anything else except for his own erratic heartbeat.

‘Yes, yes,’ he answered absentmindedly, hoping he was not making a fool of himself. He was too embarrassed to admit that his mind was somewhere else. That was rude.

‘Of course you’d agree with me! That’s why I’ve always liked you, you know? You’re the best guy BoA could ever have,’ Soon Wook said cheerfully this time. ‘I’m sure you understand my feelings… How I hate it when BoA wears those sexy outfit and with boys checking her out incessantly.’

Yunho gulped.

All of a sudden, there was a need for him to take another shot. Maybe he’ll take five, actually, because he couldn’t bear this conversation.

He was just checking out his sister.

And then Soon Wook went ahead and complimented him for not being like any other guys.

He’s just like every other guys.

And besides, who wouldn’t fall for BoA. She’s always been charming. She’s charming even if she’s only wearing a baggy shirt and an equally baggy PJs.

He adores everything about her.

Yunho tried to control himself but he couldn’t help but take another look at her. To his surprise, BoA was already looking his way with a grin, her eyes twinkling.

She excused herself from the other guests and hopped towards their table happily. She scooted over Yunho’s side to sit on the same chair, then beamed at him for a second more.

‘I’m glad that you’re spending your time with this loser.’

‘By loser, you can’t perhaps, be referring to me, right? Little sister?’

‘Of course I’m referring to you, big brother.’ BoA rolled her eyes and made a face.

Losing her interest almost immediately, she turned her attention towards Yunho. She planted her elbow on the table and rested her chin on her palm. The table was a bit far so she had to angle herself when looking at him. The curve of her body was distracting him so much (plus the fact that he could see the outline of her bra much clearly now, thanks to Soon Wook for pointing it out earlier), that he had to pretend that he was looking at his phone besides her chest.

‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m checking my messages.’

BoA chuckled, her lyrical voice, automatically putting a smile on his face. ‘But your phone isn’t even on.’

Yunho looked down and winced, finally remembering that he ran out of battery quite a while ago, as a matter of fact. He could feel his face burning embarrassment, debating whether he should make an excuse to save face or just shut his mouth.

‘Why do you keep on fidgeting?’

‘Leave him alone, BoA.’

‘Oppa, you’re drunk. I think you should leave. Go home instead of bothering Yundol.’

‘Dear little sister, if you must know, you are the one bothering your dear Yundol.’

Yunho’s eyes widen in shock as BoA threw him a sharp look. She looked perturbed. The young man raised his hands and waved it in the air in denial. He never felt that way — in that way, at least.

The director hiccuped and covered his mouth. ‘You’d distract anybody with what you’re wearing.’

BoA straightened her back and looked at herself. ‘I look fine, what’s your problem?’

Soon Wook gestured for Yunho to look at BoA. He wanted to digress but his whole body was already tingling and anyway, he wanted to look at her properly up close.

Yunho cleared his throat and took a deep breath. He didn’t know how else to respond without hurting either of them. And besides, it’s not a good thing to upset a drunk person especially if it’s someone from the Kwon family.

The two were watching him carefully.

‘BoA looks f-fine. It’s great that she’s confident about herself.’

BoA was already grinning, knowing full well that she won this argument. She stuck her tongue out and her brother scowled with a sour face. Soon Wook glared at Yunho for his betrayal. But Yunho’s smart enough not to cross the other Kwon, that’s why he needed do something to redeem himself or else…

‘B-but,’ Yunho choked before he loses his momentum, ‘i-if BoA is my girlfriend, I w-wouldn’t want to see her wear these kind of clothes, either.’ Yunho’s voice got smaller as he reached the end of his sentence, almost like a puff.

BoA jerked from their seat (hers and Yunho’s) in surprise, her mouth hanging wide open.


‘See?’ Soon Wook singsonged with a satisfied face. He was nodding at Yunho’s direction while the young man blushed a deep shade of red, unable to turn to the side to look at BoA.

‘It’s not like he was serious about it and anyway, it was just rhetorical,’ she explained haughtily, more to herself, if anything.

Yunho looked hurt. Because he was serious. And that she completely missed the point.

‘Are you blind?’ Soon Wook’s voice sounded dubious, almost irritated. ‘This kid likes you so much so of course he’ll always be on my side on this one.’ He closed his eyes and shook his head dramatically, feeling sorry for Yunho. About the fact how his sister can be so oblivious about his feelings all these years.

‘Drunk talk!’ Yunho yelped anxiously before he could say more. Nobody’s supposed to know his little (okay, big) crush on her. He’s just wasn’t prepared. Especially when a rejection was too imminent between them. He darted BoA a perplexed look.

‘I’m drunk but I don’t tell lies.’

‘Hyung! I’ll take you home. I think you need to take a good rest at home and forget all about this,’ Yunho pleaded, sounding so helpless.

Soon Wook smiled stupidly. ‘Look at this thoughtful boy, I really like him, you know! Yunho, don’t worry about anything. I’ll always be on your side.’

‘Oppa!’ BoA shrieked in frustration.

‘And you, little sister! I won’t go picking your sorry ass if in the end, he finally gets tired of you and walk out of your life to be with someone else.’

‘Hyung!’ Yunho almost cried desperately this time. He was too overwhelmed by how everything just escalated beyond his control, that it seemed like he was paralyzed on his spot. It took a while before he realized that BoA was already looking at him. Differently. Like she was swimming in her own troubling thoughts.

And then something snaps.

BoA grabbed on to Yunho’s arms and then pleaded with her eyes. Her gripped tightened as she trembled. She can’t process it in her mind. A life without Yunho in it. It was just… it can’t ever happen.

She wondered if the heightened feelings was only because of the effect of alcohol. But then it felt so much more than that. Like her heart wanted to burst.



Yunho can’t leave her side.



She will never let go.



In the midst of her panicked mind, Yunho touched her hand and faced her with a gentle smile. His gaze was soothing. ‘I won’t go anywhere.’

‘Except to take me home because I can’t drive,’ Soon Wook blurted out completely thwarting the moment.

‘Go home by yourself, oppa!’ BoA shot back through gritted teeth but Soon Wook just laughed. He laughed heartily as he nodded towards Yunho approvingly.

‘Fine, fine… I’ll leave you two love birds, then.’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll cover her up because that’s what good boyfriends do.’

Soon Wook laughed again with a wave of his hand. ‘Yeah. But you shouldn’t be telling me that.’ Soon Wook looked over at BoA and grinned at her. BoA smiled back in acknowledgement. ‘You needa start telling that to your feisty girlfriend, instead.’



– – –

A fic with Yunho, BoA and booze will always be a good mix. HAHA! If only somebody could simply nudge BoA and see Yunho and a whole different light then I won’t have to have all this tension inside me coz uggghhhh… Come on now! Those two are perfection! HAHA!

Welp, let’s see just how long imma ship these two. For right now, I’ll continue writing YunBoA fanfics to my heart’s content :3

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Troubling Thoughts

3 Responses to “Troubling Thoughts”

  1. Same same same! I don’t think this otp will ever die out in my heart, it’s like they have a really special place already they’re so sweet<3 Continue writing and I'll continue reading your yunboa because they're great! Hehe!

  2. this is the CUTEST oneshot omg I really love SoonWook here god bless him for knocking some sense into BoA, and Yunho being all flustered is the cutest thing ever! And this line: “Except to take me home because I can’t drive,’ LOL I literally laughed out loud

    Thanks for writing this Lexie<3

    • Haha! Thanks so much Kimmy! I really like using the brothers in my fics and have always imagined them a fan of Yunho as BoA’s boyfriend. Hihi! More Soon Wook to follow! Haha!

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