Small World

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It’s been pretty hectic for me. All of a sudden, everybody decided to come home and spend their holidays in the Philippines so I found myself meeting all my friends and family everywhere during my vacation and now on top of going to work.

Today, I was supposed to meet with Monica but because she just had that dental surgery to get her wisdom tooth out and then had a root canal thingy, I suggested that she should just take a rest and not risk bleeding by overexerting herself. Instead, I spent the day with family and went to Silang. On our way, we had to drop by a convenience store to buy ice. We made a short stop over at this certain Petrol gas station and I saw a familiar figure. I squinted my eyes and mumbled Judith’s name. I haven’t seen her in like three years and it was such an unlikely place to meet so I didn’t blatantly call out her name, but I made sure that she knows I was looking at her.

She had a helmet on when I got out of the car so I’m not sure if she even saw me walking across but apparently she did so we had a short chitchat gleefully. Apparently, they were just on their way home after attending a mass there. IT WAS CRAZY! I didn’t think I’ll meet someone on our way.

More so that I met two!



Well, something like that.



After our short stay in Silang to have lunch, we went to Pink Sisters. We didn’t stay long coz we wanted to go to S&R which we eventually did in the afternoon. I had tons of fun over there, by the way. And I’m usually the type to get annoyed when shopping.

So anyway, after gathering everything we needed (and wanted), we proceeded to check out.

Lo and behold, just as we were about to leave the place, I saw Larissa.

YEEEEEP. I saw Lala, the EX-bestfriend.



You wouldn’t know how time suddenly stopped for me at that moment, suddenly caught in a dilemma. The struggle was real ;A;

I… seriously considered pretending to have not seen her at all but then… you know… it’s not like I’m mad mad at her or anything. I’m disappointed, yeah, but mad? I don’t think I feel such intense feelings towards her to ignore her.

And it’s her birthday.

So, I gathered my guts and walked over her and then greet her. She was evidently shocked to see me and I mean, who wouldn’t? After what, 6 years? We’re only seeing each other now? It was just… It was extraordinary.

By the way, I didn’t see Aldee, her husband, around but she was with her whole family (and her baby). I said a short hello, hugged her and left.

I don’t know if I should have just ignored her that time but quite honestly, I think I would regret it more if I didn’t properly meet her, you know? And I don’t think she thought it unpleasant to see me either so in the end, I think I consider this as a good meeting.

Yep, it definitely was.


2 Responses to “Small World”

  1. Awwww….did you have a fall out with Larissa? (if you don’t mind me asking). Sounds good though that you had your family with you during the holidays 🙂

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