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Midnight Fic

He squinted his eyes, arms crossed together over his chest. His left foot was tapping on the floor impatiently making it plain obvious how furious he was.

He was clearly not amused.

God knows just how much he didn’t want to be in this place but before he knew what was happening, he was already standing there, trapped in the moment.

He didn’t bother to hide his annoyance and instead, clicked his tongue as he began to pace around the living room anxiously. He hoped that an idea would strike him that instance so he can get himself out of the situation.

‘Oppa, relax. Why don’t you just think of this as a special gift for her or something,’ Tiffany said soothingly, as she watched him.

Sungmin snorted out loud. ‘You’re right. But do you think she would appreciate it if she knew you tricked me into doing this?’

Tiffany was taken aback and then blushed out of embarrassment. She can’t even begin to defend herself or the rest of her sisters because it was the truth. They unanimously tricked Sungmin into coming to their dorm so he could help in the preparations for Sunny’s surprise birthday party.

Choosing Sungmin for the job wasn’t random though. It was one thing he failed to realize, as he stood there, with the girls looking so expectant of him. He wasn’t happy but not helping them would definitely leave him with a bitter taste afterwards.

He groaned at his own demise. There was no room for escape.

The girls watched him in silence as he agonized over the situation once more. It was like an open secret that Sungmin had a little crush on Sunny since forever. And that the girls concluded that if they would need a man’s help for the job, why not ask someone who they know would do it willingly.

The turn of events, however, was totally unexpected. Why Sungmin was giving them a hard time, puzzled them to no end. Wasn’t he the same guy who wrote a special birthday song for Sunny? The same guy who would always play video games with her? The same guy who willingly guested on Invincible Youth as one of her closest friends on his rest day?

And wasn’t he the same guy who announced on national TV that if he had to choose, he would choose Sunny as his wife for We Got Married?

He was just so obvious and Sunny so oblivious to have missed all those hints.

Seohyun grabbed onto Hyoyeon’s arm and now, Hyoyeon had to comfort their youngest sister from Sungmin’s unexpected rage.

‘Oppa, why are you being like this…’ The leader asked, her voice small but clear. She then wished that Sooyoung and Yuri were here with them. Maybe then, they could do something to calm him with a witty remark or two unlike her who kept on struggling for the right words to say. Unfortunately, both were busy with their individual shoots so it really can’t be helped but for Taeyeon to step it up.

Sungmin stopped for a moment. His features darkened as he hid his face in the shadows.

‘I’d prefer it if you don’t ask me anymore questions,’ he answered curtly, making the situation even more awkward for everybody. The room fell into an ominous silence.

For whatever reason he was acting like that, it was actually for a very simple reason.



Because he finally gave up on her.



He tried over and over again to win her affection. To prove her that he truly loved her. But in Sunny’s eyes, he was someone that would always remain as a good friend. And more than hating this kind of situation, he just decided to let go and shun any connection that involved her altogether. He wouldn’t go on with this and forever hurt himself.

Which was really cowardly if you think about it.

That’s why he didn’t have the confidence to tell this little secret to anybody else. At least he had hoped to save face and carry on the act as if everything’s fine.

Sungmin looked at the girls one more time and felt very guilty about the way he lashed at them. They’re not aware of his inner turmoil and to just blame it on them made him feel awful.

He sighed.

‘I hope this won’t happen again,’ he said quietly but with a biting edge to it. And then calmly he continued, ‘but let’s work hard and get to it before the clock strikes midnight.’

The girls looked at him slowly and then careful smiles lighting up their faces eventually.

‘Thank you,’ the girls said in unison.

Since the girls were very busy as a group and with their respective solo promotions, they promised that at least during their birthdays, they’ll be able to get together and celebrate intimately with each other’s company. This year was no different with Sunny’s 24th birthday but for some reason, they wanted to step it up a bit.

It was Taeyeon’s idea to somehow throw a little surprise birthday party for her roommate, especially that she kept on noticing how Sunny’s not as cheerful the past few months. She always looked tired. She kept to herself, just reading books or writing in her journal.

It didn’t sit well with her so even though in small ways, Taeyeon wanted to bring back the glow in Sunny’s face.

‘Oppa, did you know that Sunny’s not playing with her video games anymore?’ Taeyeon mentioned as both her and Sungmin were pinning the birthday banner on the wall.

The young man glanced her way in puzzlement. Sunny may not love him but she will always love video games.

‘She has become… rather reserved,’ Tiffany supplemented.

It wasn’t an abrupt change but it wasn’t something one would miss either. Sunny had always enjoyed playing with her members, spending her alone time reading comic books or playing with the newest video games at the moment. If not that, she would take Tiffany with her, and maybe grab Hyoyeon as well, so the three would have a fun time getting a little tipsy in the living room after a busy schedule.

But then Sooyoung noticed how she had maintained a certain distance and she kept isolating herself. Even with her talking with her other members seemed a bit forced if only to mask that certain void.

‘Since when?’ Sungmin asked, trying to sound casual but the tone of concern was too hard to hide.

‘Maybe around the end November? Or was it in December?’ Jessica answered, creasing her eyebrows together in concentration.

Is this a coincidence, maybe? Sungmin pondered and then dismissed the thought altogether. It couldn’t be…

It was actually the beginning of December last year when Sungmin found the courage to confess because his love for Sunny was so big that it wanted to burst out of his chest.

And so, when he found out through Seohyun (the most dependable person because admittedly, the rest of the girls are too nosy for their own good and he didn’t want to deal with that just yet) that Sunny would be back in the dorm around Christmas eve, he snagged the opportunity to spend his time with her.

It was a surprise visit more than anything. He rang the doorbell to their dorm, expecting that she would answer it for him. She did without fail, but when she saw Sungmin holding a bouquet of flowers, that’s when her facial expression started to change.

She’s not stupid.

She knew full well what it all meant. And honestly, Sunny didn’t want a strained relationship with Sungmin when they are already so comfortable with each other.

It was a dangerous game to suddenly cross those boundaries she had carefully set for the both of them. It was difficult to suppress the overwhelming feelings of course, because while she wanted an unchanging relationship with him, her heart still desired for so much more between them.

Sunny bit her lip as she lowered her head to hide her face.

Sungmin didn’t need to ask to ascertain what he saw in her eyes and her subtle actions. So forcing himself, he smiled one last time and left without another word.

Since then up to this day, he managed to never cross paths with Sunny. Doing everything that he can to avoid any type of contact or conversation that might waver his resolve. And truthfully, up to this point, he was doing fairly well. He just needs to hold on for a few more minutes and escape this torture for good. He wouldn’t have to cross paths with Sunny.

Unfortunately, before he could even execute his great escape, the doorbell echoed while they were just finishing up.

‘It’s Sunny!’ Taeyeon gasped. ‘That brat… She said she would be coming late from their family party! It’s only a little past 11pm!’

‘Hurry up, oppa! You can go hide in Tiffany’s room over there,’ Hyoyeon gestured to her right.

‘The first or second door?’

‘Ugh, just pick whatever!’ She screamed and pushed him away in panic as Taeyeon and Seohyun went over the door and greeted their special guest, trying their best to hold her off as much as they can by the door.

‘That’s why I was reluctant lending you my keys! How can you make me wait so long outside?!’ Sunny groaned as she entered their dorm.

Sungmin could hear her melodic voice all the way from the front door. It didn’t take another second when he heard several footsteps getting closer and closer so before he exposes himself, he scampered to the other side of the house and went in to the first room in sight.

He found himself out of breath and was panting hard as he leaned his back against the door. Finally calming his nerves, he adjusted his vision and scanned the room.

The two beds were made up nicely. Several pictures were lined up on the desk along with a few make up kits that were used not too long ago. He glanced towards his left and he saw some party hats arranged on top of the drawers.

With nothing else to do until somebody distracts Sunny so he can sneak out and leave, Sungmin decided to sit at the edge of one of the beds and wait patiently by himself.

He strained to hear what was going on outside and by the looks of it, everybody was already having a good time. It seemed like they just got started with the party and was arranging themselves at the living room. He heard some clanking glasses already and chairs being pushed across the room.

The happy chirping went on for a couple of minutes outside, while he imagined Sunny brightening the world with her precious smiles.

For right now, it was enough for him. Her happiness will be his happiness.



‘And although it wasn’t exactly a surprise party because you were all so obvious preparing for this event, I still wanna know who started all this and thank her personally,’ Sunny said with amusement as she offered an empty wine glass to Jessica for her to fill up.

‘All of us did this for you,’ Jessica answered with a smile and then poured more wine to her empty wine glass as well. The two made a toast and drank the expensive liquor in one gulp.

‘Ah, as to be expected from my members… I can always count on you to love me forever!’

Taeyeon raised her eyebrow. That statement wasn’t sitting well with her for some reason. She glanced at Tiffany and even she didn’t look too good with that in passing comment.

‘Only alcohol can make everything right. Thank you… Thank you everyone!’ Sunny went on pouring herself another drink.

‘Is there… Is there something you want to tell us?’ Tiffany asked cautiously, afraid that her sudden question might ruin Sunny’s mood. But she was so stricken by worry to ignore those words. Sunny wasn’t acting like herself, she could tell.

Sunny merely smiled and changed the topic. ‘I want to make a toast for everybody!’ She announced with a loud voice. She looked at each of her members and smiled at them. She forced herself to smile brighter but her hand trembled despite that.

Jessica, finally noticing Sunny’s strange behavior, glanced at YoonA for a confirmation. The younger lady pursed her lips and nodded slightly.

‘Sunny…’ Taeyeon trailed off, ‘what’s wrong? You’re not… You’re not yourself.’

‘Okay, maybe we’ll have a toast later instead… What about the cake! Where’s my cake?’ Sunny announced, still ignoring the sudden gloomy air.

There was an awful silence that followed next and even Sunny couldn’t bring herself to fake her feelings anymore. Her face fell down and then she lowered the glass of wine she was holding.

Her heart was hurting.

The truth is, each passing day was unbearable whenever she thinks about him. About the way she silently (and cruelly) pushed him away.

And that it bothered her ever since.

When he finally decided to set the distance between them, she felt the dawning grief right away. It rendered her powerless and then she eventually found herself consumed by sadness.

Many times, she tried to convince herself that denying her true feelings was for the best.

But it still hurts.

It hurts her so much that instead she started wishing for the stars. Wishing for a sign to tell her if she should just let go or be more honest about her own feelings for Sungmin.

‘How about you make a wish,’ YoonA suggested, interrupting her thoughts.


‘Let’s blow your candle so you can make a wish that we all hope would come true,’ YoonA continued, smiling kindly. It took a second longer before Sunny could piece everything together. She was so deep in thought that she got lost in the moment.

It’s been happening more often lately.

‘That’s a great idea!’ Seohyun cheered with a squeaky voice.

‘Alright, then I’ll go get the party hats in the room and then continue the fun. It’ll be just right in time for midnight,’ Taeyeon followed. Before she could spin around towards the hallway going to their shared bedroom, Sunny caught her arm.

‘I’ll do it. I need to get my camera anyway so we can take pictures of all of us,’ Sunny offered with a warm smile.

Without any protests, Taeyeon relented and allowed Sunny to do the simple task. It was a way to give her a breather from the tense environment earlier, forgetting all the while that Sungmin was still around, hiding in one of the rooms.

Taeyeon’s shared room with Sunny.

Unsuspectingly, a chance for them to meet have opened…

Sunny took her time walking through the hallways, thinking of a wish she believed could finally make her happy and content.

‘Hurry up Sunny! It’s almost time!’ Hyoyeon yelled. The tiny lady turned and smiled their way for a bit. Back to her original purpose, she faced their bedroom door and gripped the knob in between her small hand.

My wish?

She thought silently as she let out a deep sigh.

My wish is for God to give me a sign.

She turned the knob and opened the door slowly. It was dark inside so it took a few moment for her eyes to adjust from the dark.

A sign to tell me if I should move on and forget about him…

Slowly, she was able to see in the dark and then eventually, she saw a silhouette of a man seated on the edge of her bed.

Or to hold on and explore the possibilities the two of us can venture together.

She focused her eyes on him. From his short hair, to the contour of his face, to those piercing dark eyes…

She wouldn’t make that mistake.

Right in front of her was the man who is the most important person to her, and that in that instance, she realized that letting go of him would be her life’s greatest mistake.

If this was God’s way to save her from hurting herself even more, she would gladly listen to this voice.

‘Sunny…’ He breathed as he stood up and walked towards her. Logic wasn’t working for him right now. He was too overwhelmed by the persistent desire to have her close, for him to actually let her go.

She wasn’t blind not to see the flicker in his eyes and truthfully, she knew their feelings were in sync with each other. Despite wanting to maintain a distinct relationship with one another, they knew it was already too late to stop themselves from falling.

I guess this was God’s way of answering my wish. Sunny thought breaking into a smile. This precious gift he gave me on my birthday as the clock strikes midnight.

‘I missed you, oppa.’

‘I missed you, too Soonkyu.’

The two stared at each other quietly. ‘Funny how this all happened when I was just asking for a sign.’

‘Sign… what sign?’

Sunny walked towards Sungmin. She stood so close that she could see the crinkles around his eyes. She enjoyed looking at his face. He was so beautiful… So magical… How can anybody ever push him away?

‘For my birthday wish, I wished for a sign.’

Sungmin still looked confused. Nothing was adding up but he was well aware by the changes in Sunny’s expression.

She looked… relieved. And happier when she saw him.

He was still pondering about all the possible reasons behind her words when he felt Sunny’s fingers on him and then intwined it together with his. Her hand was soft and it felt warm. It was the first time he held her hand like this and it felt good. Like it’s the most natural thing between the two of them.

Sungmin squeezed her hand. ‘Happy birthday Sunny. I’m glad that in the end, I was able to spend this special day with you.’

‘Don’t talk like this is the last time we’re gonna celebrate with each other.’

‘Sunny! It’s almost time! Hurry up!’ Hyoyeon’s voice sounded muffled behind closed doors.

Sunny leaned forward, just enough so he could catch her fleeting voice as she spoke.

‘I wished for a sign, a sign for me to never let go of this hand and then you came.’

Sunny smiled at him lovingly.  He was everything she ever wished for. She didn’t need to hear his answer to know that he felt the same way, too.

‘SUNNY!!!’ The girls called out in unison.

Sighing, the birthday girl tugged Sungmin towards the door and then out of the room.

‘You guys are always so noisy,’ she complained with an exasperated voice, that echoed in the hallways.

‘Aigoo… You just missed your birthday countdown by three seconds! How are you gonna make a birthday wish now?’ Taeyeon fumed as she stood from the couch. She was about to fetch for her roommate when Sunny emerged from the hallway with Sungmin just right behind her.

‘Nah, it’s okay because it already came true.’ The girls looked so stunned to see the both of them together and holding hands. They are usually a noisy bunch but right now, nobody could even as much as squeeze one word out. Chuckling, Sunny rounded her arms around Sungmin, more comfortably than ever. She smiled evilly as she gestured towards the man who was now smiling at her. ‘Well, next time you’re planning on something like this, I guess you gotta ask Master Soonkyu for help because this, this is what a real surprise is supposed to be.’



– – –

This fic was tacky through and through… No wonder after 2 years, I am only now revealing this. But then again, two years ago, it didn’t feel so corny? LOL! In any case, this fic was born because of a certain selca.


I was like, hmm.. I wonder who could be the one taking their picture… must be one of soshi boyfriends… and then BAM! There’s an idea right there! I imagined that Sungmin must be there to celebrate Sunny’s birthday. HAHA! That’s how idea strikes me. Don’t be shocked. It’s crazy being my writer self :3

Hope you enjoyed it, regardless :3

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

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  1. Yes yes yes I enjoyed this!! So well done ate!! I realised my heart really needs SunSun now that Sungmin’s already married…

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