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YunBoA Falling


Such an unpleasant position to be in right now. Suddenly so insignificant, so unwanted..

I don’t understand why.

We were already so happy just the way we were so why did we have to end like this? Why did we have to stop being friends? It’s like we don’t understand each other anymore. Didn’t we promise to always have each other’s back?

I’m here. I’m still here.

But where are you now?

I don’t see and feel the warm and gentle you anymore. You’ve changed so much that I feel we’re truly drifting apart. It pains me so much to be apart from you. As if my heart is being ripped out of my chest…

Didn’t you know, Yunho, that if I have the power to choose my own destiny, I would still want you by my side? To be forever assured that I won’t ever be alone in my life because I know that you will always be there?

Just me and you in our own little universe of inevitability.

That’s why… That’s why I never, in my whole life, would have ever thought that our relationship will fall apart like this.

I never saw it coming.


Whenever you look into my eyes, I know and feel that you want forever with me. You told me that you couldn’t live without me. That you loved me…

I loved you so, so much too. You’ve been my everything. Your constant presence in my life has always given me solace like no other. You have always been the only one.

Yet the very thought scared me.

Because the attention and kindness you were showering me suddenly felt different. I could feel it to my very bones, those affections not too innocent anymore. A delicate note humming to my heart.

I know you too well and that knowledge of you had become my curse.

You were falling.

I knew you were falling in love with me and I wasn’t truly prepared for this change in our relationship, then. You, falling in love with me, will change and destroy everything we’ve built for ourselves all these years. It was a huge gamble I wasn’t ready to take back then.

Instead, I wished for everything to stay the same between the two of us. But the truth was, I’ve only been cruel to you by denying your feelings for me.

You didn’t deserve that.

I can’t believe it’s only been a few months since we drifted apart, but it was enough to make us complete strangers with one another. Just a few months but I miss talking to you. Laughing with you. Having you around.

I miss you.

I miss you, Yunho…


Now that I’m alone, prisoner of my own grave thoughts, I realized that maybe I didn’t want you all to myself just because it’s familiar. Maybe your presence in my life meant so much more because if not that, then I wouldn’t feel this much emptiness and yearning for you in my heart. It just feels hollow and it hurts. Like I will never be whole again. Like I’ll never be able to live a second more.

Because I realized after everything that I have fallen in love with you.

Only, I was already too late acknowledging my true feelings and there’s no one to catch me anymore the day you decided to move on without me.

And quietly in the end, void of your love and warmth, I was falling… falling so I can meet my death that is loneliness.



– – –

Sooooo… After such a long time without an update, I ended up writing an angst. WOW. This is not me. But with the recent YunBoA events (or more accurately, the lack of it if anything), there really isn’t anything to fuel my fluffy muse. OTP is dying. Lexie is not happy.


I really miss the interaction between YunBoA so, soo much but well, I guess the two of them have moved on with their lives separately so yeah…

YunBoA may be no more but I won’t stop shipping them! Ha!

(also, angst is really not my thang so the fic may sound unnatural and confusing but Kimmy said it’s alright so still posting! Thanks again Kimmy for looking over it! Yay for writer friends!)

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues

– – –

100 Themes Challenge Writing Prompts: Falling

5 Responses to “Falling”

  1. it’s definitely good haha!
    i really wish yunboa is not no more /sobs/ i really miss them TT_TT

  2. I really hope so too! Sighs otp

  3. I saw your fanfic on asianfanfic , ur really good !! Ill make sure to read all your yunboa fanfic because i am a shipper too :p and ya i miss them too but i hear that yunho will not participated in smtown japan because he cannot leave the country near the day of enlisting. Soo sad we wont see any yunboa 😦

    • Aigoooo! Did you really found my stuff on AFF? Kyah! I thought nobody reads them, lol! But thanks so much! Even going out of your way to visit this site. Eep! Thanks! (I really cant thank you enough, HAHA!) Hope you like my other stuff… (And it’s a shame no YunBoA in a long time coz YunBB is enlisting </3)

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