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Ghad. Was I so upset. 

I barely have two weeks before I leave for the US for this shit. 

That said, don’t you think it’s natural that I would rather spend my remaining days doing what i want and/or spending it meeting with my favorite peeps. 

Yes of course that’s a given. 

So that’s why when they asked me if I’m avaialble to meet with them today, I said yes! It’s gonna be a long time before I see them again so why not meet them now. Anyway, I don’t have plans for the day. 

So I prepared, gearing up for pur rendezvous.

But then a few hours before that, my friends started flaking on me. And then my other friend, too and that one friend too. I the end, I didn’t meet anybody at all. 


Way to go to seriously ruin my day. I had to spend almost 2 hours commuting to BF under the scorching sun, wasting money on PUVs (it’s a big deal because I’m two months unemployed) and time for NOTHING

I’m not happy. 

Definitely not happy. 

I was so upset, I’m close to tears. When I decided to just go back home, I could really feel my heart tightening from anger. 

It wasn’t their fault they couldn’t meet with me. There were just some inevitable stuff happening at the last minute that’s why this is so much worst. It’s worst because I understand. 

Ugh. Time is so precious…

I’m just so glad that BoA’s The Celebrity magazine feature was released today and they had a lot of gorgeous BoA pics so that made me feel better. BoA is the only one who can make me happy. 


(It’s 3am, I’m sleepy, I’m not making any sense, I know. I just want to vent out so I don’t have to keep this ugly feeling inside.)

3 Responses to “Flaker”

  1. Mannn I understand you…

  2. awwww…….The hardest thing is that knowing that you don’t know when you will see them again 😦

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