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Merely days before I fly back to the US, I’ve started really pampering myself. Why? Because I want to enjoy my remaining days in the Philippines, services in the US is hella expensive and because I deserve it. HAHA!


So, I just finished my Muay Thai sessions. Yesterday was my last day and it was another intense day. At the end of my workout, Almost all the trainers crowded around me to say their goodbye, telling me not to forget them and it was just really touching, you know? I didn’t think that I’d develop this kind of friendship with them and I did enjoy their company while it lasted. Also, I know it isn’t so obvious but I freakin’ lost 6 pounds while working out with them. I was the fattest when I decided to sign up for Muay Thai and I’m just so glad I did coz I feel healthier and stronger :3

Ghad, I wanna kick some ass! LOL!

Also, I had my long overdue body massage at Banahaw. It was so good I almost fell asleep! It was the first time I felt so relaxed! I was close to dreamland… I wanna do it again but I already exchanged most of my peso… Huhu </3

In any case, I also went to Lay Bare. Sucks they couldn’t wax my legs yet coz my leg hair aren’t long enough (HAHA! TMI). But this is funny because I could just remember the first time I had my legs waxed and I was nervous as fak that I couldn’t stop pestering my friend but then now I’m seeking for it? Wow! This is a level up! (although honestly, it wasn’t even that bad. The pain was very tolerable.)


But that’s not all! I also went to my OB and had my Dental check up! Guys, I know it’s a boring thing and quite unappealing but if you can, you really should take the time to meet with your doctor. I’ve been delaying checking with my OB so I can fix my hormonal problems but good thing I did before I leave for the US else, I still wouldn’t have my period and that is not okay. I haven’t had my period in almost 3 months! Again! Welp, long story short, I’m taking pills now so I’m hoping this will fix the problem… I did get my period after all…

And oh! visiting the Dentist has been fun! My Dentist this time is awesome! She really did a great job on me and my mom and taught me new ways to brush hard-to-reach teeth and wow, it was such an epiphany! Also, I’m quite pleased how she commended my teeth! Told me I brush well!


I know I’ve always said I have this obsession with teeth but my secret? It really isn’t much. I just turn on the music, start brushing from the beginning til the end of the song. This assures you that you’re not half assing it or doing it too quickly. I wanna discuss the new brushing technique my Dentist taught me but it’s kinda hard to put it in words… All imma say is that my brushing time have doubled coz of it. And I try to floss everyday now. I should stop thinking how inconvenient it is because it’s just as important and that’s what John Green would’ve told his young self too. To floss everyday. So yeah.

HAHA! Welp, as long as I have great teeth then who cares :3


Oh! Just yesterday I finally got my hair done! Went to The District coz my hair stylist moved there! Ugh! I’m so glad I saw her again! Her work is still so fabulous! Lovin’ my hair!

That said, I only have to do my foot spa and pedicure and I think I’m done with all the pampering I need before I leave. I’m thinking of having another massage but we’ll see. HAHA!

(Welp, another pointless blog post tbh but oh well, towel.)





Let’s just look forward to another beginning looking fabulous~!

6 Responses to “Treat Yo Self”

  1. Such a good life woahhhhhhh!!! Mannnn I wish I could relax. Well, can’t wait for my eighteen days in Japan~

  2. Sounds good to me Lexie 🙂 I had hormonal problems as well and like you, I would not have periods for 3 months, the longest was 4! I got myself checked out here and it turned out I have Polycystic Ovaries 😦 which is major bummer now that I have decided I am ready to become a Mommy! My periods are now regular but my weight is still yo-yoing 😦 And you are right, Dentists are really expensive abroad and it was on my 5th year here that I decided I need to pay one a visit which resulted into an extracted tooth and pretty much rotten everything 😦 and I brush 3 times a day as well!!! It was a real shocker! I am looking forward to more entries from you from the U.S.A. 😉

    • Yeah. I was wondering why I wasn’t losing weight either even if I’m trying to control my diet. And then I went to the doctor to check why I’m having problems with my menstruation and there you go, I’ve got polycystic ovaries. Ugh. I started taking pills to normalize my period. So far, so good. And kyah! An extracted tooth??? Omg! That gotta be so expensive! Yikes! I remember i had to pay a thousand bucks to get a comprehensive dental check up here and to put ‘pasta’ on one of my molars as a precaution before i develop cavities. Ugh. We really should take care of our teeth. Ate, mouthwash could help too :3

      Yeah, needa post more on here but been really lazy oh no!

      • Looks like if we want to be rich we have to become dentists! 🙂 extracting my tooth was actually cheaper than keeping it! They wanted £800-1000 to treat it but I was told it wouldn’t last long either. For £53 I could have it taken out, so I did 🙂

      • Hoshit! Thats so expensive! I would’ve taken it out too if I would have to pay almost a thousand bucks to keep it for a short while. Sigh… Thats why we should take care of our teeth even better from now on :3

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