Forever Alone

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it’s only been half a year over and I’ve already made (or making) three wedding invitations! 

For Krys last April, for my cousin this coming September (70% done!) and for my friend this August. 

And I can’t help but think when I can get to do my OWN wedding invitations…………………


Welp, on other news, I still don’t have a job and haven’t even gotten any calls for an interview. I’ve applied not only a graphic artist position but also administrative position but still no luck at the moment. I’m considering working for my dad’s workplace as a part time for the meantime, tho. Better than nothing right? But worst comes to worst, I might reconsider retail again… Sigh. 

Welp, been talking to Ate Mai and she told me that I should check out etsy. Sell my graphic artworks there and stuff. And maybe, I really should! I mean, who knows, maybe I’ll get clients there or something. I just need to explore the site and start making more designs :3 

Hihi! Wish me luck!

(Btw, I’m doing good here in the US. Still suffering the cold weather but in general, life here has been kind. ((Minus the fact I’m jobless of course)). Aja aja fighting!)

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  1. Go for it Lexie! perhaps etsy is the way to go 🙂 Wish you all the best!

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