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YunBoA Obsessions


‘Do you really feel so comfortable around me that you’ll actually walk across the house wearing that?’ Yunho muttered, knitting his brows together. He fought hard not to stare. It was a lazy Sunday in the middle of summer, passing the time until the Kwon brothers were done preparing for dinner. He went over to a simple BBQ party and probably for a shot or two of their favorite vodka, but never to be left alone in the living room with BoA in that get up.

It was a scene to behold actually, but he wasn’t exactly happy about it. After all, she may as well be this comfortable around him because he was never, and ever will be, a candidate to her affections.
(Just) the bestfriend.
Stopping midway on her way to the kitchen, BoA looked at herself and frowned. She was wearing a loose tank top, with one of its straps dangling off her shoulder, allowing a good portion of her bra to actually peek out in plain sight. And as if that was not enough, she was also wearing a very short boxer shorts with a stupid PINK curvy logo written across the back.

‘And shouldn’t you be honored that I’m permitting you to such privilege?’ BoA asked silkily, raising her eyebrow with curiosity. She leaned on the table, deciding that moment to tease Yunho instead of fetching the phone charger for her brother.

It’s her house. She’s boss.

With a sly smile, she deliberately swept her long hair to one side, further accentuating her delicate neck. She caught a quick glimpse of him, making her unable to suppress an even wider smile.

At that point, Yunho can’t help not to stare. He fought hard not to gape at her as he looked directly at BoA’s direction. What, with her exposed shoulder and her slender neck, as if inviting him to leave his mark on there… anybody would definitely have an immense difficulty tearing their eyes off her.

Without realizing what was happening, BoA kept on teasing — seducing — Yunho at her mercy.

But soon enough, she got bored when he wasn’t eliciting the kind of reaction she was waiting for.

Biting her lip in concealed frustration, she walked towards him without a word and was now seated on his lap. Yunho was so startled that he jerked on the couch almost causing BoA to fall down on the floor. Out of instinct, he grabbed onto BoA’s shoulders and pulled her close to him. Her sweet scent and soft curves against him almost paralyzed his whole body.

‘Hey, watch it!’ she squeaked, alerting his senses right away. Yunho immediately withdrew his hands away from her and averted his eyes some place else. But as much as he tried not to stare at all the revealing skin so up close, he found himself actually staring. He was suddenly looking at a really light and rather small birthmark, just a little under her collar bone.

‘Since when did you have a birth mark on–‘ Yunho stopped midway into his train of thoughts and blushed fiercely when he realized that the mark was a little too near her chest. ‘I-I-I mean the mark! On my face..! Actually it wasn’t a mark… more of a scar, really… B-but did you know I have a mole on my upper lip and–‘ he went on babbling when BoA’s brother came into the scene. Afraid of Soon Wook’s sudden retaliation, he grabbed BoA’s arm, prepared to toss her to the side, when he heard her yell at her brother to get away. That’s when he noticed that Soon Wook wasn’t at all furious nor (at least) shocked at the sight before him.

‘So, she finally cracked and decided to pounce on you, huh?’ the young director simply said, with a wave of a hand, as he went to the kitchen and got his charger himself.

‘Ugh. Just leave us alone, oppa.’

‘Careful with the little tiger, Yunho…’ Soon Wook called out, ignoring her sister, before disappearing with a chuckle.

A bit aghast how the whole thing was readily brushed away as if it wasn’t a (really) big deal, it took a moment before he realized that BoA was now twirling her fingers on his chest, determined to catch his attention back to her.

Warmth spread throughout his whole body and now, there’s an undeniable throb around his stomach. His hand moved unconsciously and glided ever so lightly on BoA’s thigh when he stopped, thunderstruck.

‘No! This is wrong! Get away from me!’ He shouted in panic.

BoA glared at him indignantly. When she finally found her voice to speak, she sounded dangerous. ‘I’m sure that you can’t possibly mean that.’ She was looking at him defiantly, daring him, that Yunho had to break away from her stares. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t shut her mouth so simply. ‘I can see in your eyes that you don’t really want to stop, Yundol.’

Yunho looked horrified! He would rather be caught dead than admit to it.


He wouldn’t allow her to see his filthy side that yearns upon every bit of her skin. This obsession she unknowingly casted upon him. Because he knew, that once he let go of that thread holding up his own sanity, he would then stop at nothing until he monopolizes all of her for himself.

‘All the more that you should be wary around me!’

‘No! Not when I want you just as much!’

The unexpected retort rendered him speechless for a second. He was confused. BoA couldn’t possibly be serious to any of that. Although her confession would’ve delighted him so much, he couldn’t simply allow it to sway his mind and be irrational with his decisions just to succumb to his desires.

It took all his might to look away and say his refusal.

‘No… We can’t do it this way. It’s just that–‘

‘Seriously. Can’t you be honest with yourself and for once not complicate things?’ Her voice was shaking in frustration. She grunted incoherently as she got up from Yunho’s lap. She sat beside him, fuming, unable to look at him now. Admittedly, she didn’t expect him to flat out refuse her. ‘After everything I’ve done… forgetting my pride… Bearing my vulnerable self to you…’ She kept on muttering when he noticed the slight blush on her cheek. ‘Shit, why was I so stupid to think you’d feel the same?’ she continued and then buried her face into her hands.

Yunho looked stunned, as if seeing a totally different woman in front of him. A good type of different. It’s seldom that he sees her lose control of the situation, as if she was driven into a corner with no way out, because BoA’s always so sure of herself. In all those years he’s known her, she’s always been the type to always know what to do in any given situation.

And then suddenly, so suddenly, she tells him that she wanted him… As if she wanted to forget about yesterday and dream about their tomorrow…


Taking in all these new discoveries, he heaved a sigh and turned his head to look at her meaningfully. He wouldn’t waste this precious chance to let her know that he’s always been hers… But first, he needed to lighten the mood before she totally lose her mind.

‘Really? You did all that because you actually like me back?’ He boomed, feigning his surprise as he concealed a smile. ‘Please don’t tell me you’re on drugs that’s why you’re suddenly acting all crazy!’ He mumbled right after in haste, sure that it will piss her off, enough to bring her back to her old self and start giving him her usual jabs.

‘I’m not stoned, stupid. I can’t believe you haven’t realized it yet. After all this time…’ BoA rolled her eyes, gritted her teeth and as to be expected, her fist flew and landed on Yunho’s shoulder with a loud thump. She’s definitely back.

‘What was that for?!’ Yunho yelped, nursing his shoulder.

‘Because I can’t believe how stupid you are sometimes! Be glad I wasn’t so hard on you!’

‘So… you want me to thank you?’

BoA looked at him sharply, grabbed a pillow and screamed at it before hitting him with it. ‘What more do you want me to do to prove what I’ve said, Yunho? Kiss you?!’

He ruffled his hair unconsciously, just like what he always did when he’s entering a comfortable zone with her. ‘I had always hoped for it, BoA.’

BoA could feel the warmth creeping up her cheeks when he said it so unexpectedly. It made her look away immediately. ‘I hate you, you idiot.’

‘Woah! I thought we’re on our way to confirming our feelings for each other?’ He crooned, as he scooted a little closer towards the little giant.

Out of all the things that she’s done that day, it’s the one thing that truly made her blush so fiercely. And now, BoA’s all embarrassed and shy that she couldn’t even look at him straight in the face, afraid of what she’ll see in his eyes. But because she needed to save her remaining pride, she had to recover from this blow somehow.

After some grunting and cursing and several violent attempts to throw sharp jabs at Yunho’s side, BoA finally settled down and smiled sheepishly like a little girl. She searched for his huge hand so she can intwine their fingers together. This gesture has always occupied her mind so now that she knows how her small hand fits so perfectly in his, she was glad that the effect of this intimacy was as she imagined it to be.

‘Yeah… I guess we were finally getting to that part. I can’t believe how sloooow you are that I had to make the first move!’

Yunho let out a low grunt, showing his disapproval at her recklessness and forwardness. ‘Still, that wasn’t very smart. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you have any idea what danger you just set yourself in!’ He lectured with a warning tone.

There was another smile creeping on her face now. Her eyes suddenly had this certain flicker and he knew right then that the thread had snapped, and that he would need to finally succumbed in this insanity if it meant having her for himself.

‘I suppose you already know that it’s not important.’ Her voice was so quiet, it was almost like a sweet sigh.

But it doesn’t matter now.
Yunho tilted her chin so she was forced to look at him and then whispered, ‘I’d like that kiss, to be honest.’

BoA smiled shyly and closed her eyes in consent. Yunho wrapped his arms around her and then kissed her.

And kissed her…
…and kissed her.
(They broke apart when they heard Soon Wook’s laugh from the doorway.)
– – –

Oh ghad oh ghad! I didn’t expect I’ll actually get to post this finally! It’s been forever since I drafted this story but never got to publish it at all! But my stroke of good luck came when Kimmy messaged me and asked if I have YunBoA WIPs and of course I have a few so I started sending her to beta. And omg!!!! I know this is too much to even come from my own mouth but I can’t help but be at awe by how this ended up to be!

I admit some parts were a bit OOC but god dammit! Kimmy saved the whole fic! I swear to god! Oh ghad, as I was adding all her suggestions to improve the flow of the story, I couldn’t help but smile like a fucktard coz daaammmnnn! The fluff was just sooo good!


So that said, I wanna give a real big shoutout to Kimmy! I dare say she’s the best beta (and writer to boot!) out there. Ugh!!! Thank you thank you! I hope you enjoy re-reading this fic again :3

image and story (c) lexie-chan || eyes2blues
 – – –

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  1. Ah you praise me too much Lexie!!!!!! You write and beta just as good too 🙂 I love all the new sentences you’ve added here keke

  2. I WAS HYPERVENTILATING THIS WAS SO SWEET IM GETTING DIABETES esp the part before and during the confession!! too cute. I love this!!

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