Color Oracle

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You have selected the colors that you currently find most pleasing and most unpleasing. Read the interpretive texts for your selections in the following paragraphs. In the case of some colors, you will find an additional question or suggestion which can help you deal with a subject area in more depth.

Keep in mind that your unconscious plays a major role in the selection of the colors. As it is the case when laying tarot cards, it is inadvisable to repeat the color test too often because otherwise, the quality of the interpretation quickly fades. Take in the texts, and let them work on you, even those you may find somewhat uncomfortable or provocative.The Color Oracle is a psychological color test developed by the Swiss art instructor, therapist and astrologer Johannes Schneider. Astrodienst also has on offer his “Color Horoscope”– the delineation of the birth chart in combination with psychological color interpretation.

Your General Disposition

At the present time your behavior is characterized by your need for the enjoyment of life. The things that entice and satisfy you and help you get over frustration are sensual enjoyments such as exquisite tidbits, good wine, beautiful music or (your particular favorite) an erotic experience. At times you act forcefully in order to obtain what you desire.

Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Pleasing

Of great importance to you now is…optimistic self-encouragement.

Again and again, you consciously adopt a positive inner attitude. This helps you to better stand up under the hardships of the present. You create goals, projects or ideals for yourself that give you a boost and the hope that your life will be better and happier. You search for ways and means which allow you to enjoy life without care and to spend more time devoting yourself to the things that bring you joy. In order to forge ahead in good spirits you now need…

…relaxing favorite pastime.

When the difficulties of daily life or human interaction become too much, you prefer to retreat to your favorite pastime, a quiet hobby or into the world of your thoughts, dreams and fantasies. If you try to achieve the necessary balance to daily routine through a regular practice of meditation, you will find what you have actually been looking for: inner detachedness and peace. It would also be ideal if you could occasionally spend time in the great outdoors. You believe a particular help in achieving the inner peace you desire is…

…obtaining sufficient funds.

It is very important to you to have enough money at your disposal so that you can afford whatever you wish to have or do. For this reason, you are currently spending more time thinking about your finances, and you anxiously deliberate on how you could obtain the necessary money. The certainty that you have sufficient funds strengthens your sense of self-worth and helps you to meet other people with confidence. You have unrealistic expectations regarding your…

…making pleasurable contacts.

You would like to leave everything unpleasant and burdensome behind and to relax spending time with nice, open-minded people with whom you can have a good conversation or undertake some activity that raises your spirits and takes your mind off things. Now and again, you need the stimulation of variety and the opportunity to break out of your daily routine. You now feel that hanging your head would not be as good for you as…

…objective assessment of the situation.

Whatever you perceive – people, things or information – you analyze it, both critically and with a certain amount of skepticism, because you want to be certain whether it is beneficial to you or not. You are not easily misled, and in line with the motto “once bitten, twice shy”, you keep your distance from everything that could damage your wallet, your reputation, your wellbeing or your peace of mind. One thing is utterly clear to you: your present situation requires…

…freeing yourself through an easier life.

You would like to finally rid yourself of personal problems which oppress you, and you hope you could somehow make your life easier. Your ideal is to be free of all things unpleasant, to never get upset over anything or anyone and to move through life unburdened. For this reason, you do what you can to avoid contact with people who cause you problems. It is to your disadvantage, though, that in doing this, you also avoid examining your problems, mistakes and weaknesses.

Interpretation of the Colors You Find Most Unpleasant

At the moment you feel most anxious due to your…

…inhibiting limitations.

Difficult circumstances limit your opportunities for experience and your freedom of action. You feel deprived because you have to do without some of the things that would make life pleasant. You expect far too much understanding for your needs from other people, and as a result, you often feel disappointed. You might ask yourself how much understanding and empathy you extend to others. You would like to be free of your…

…unpleasant contentiousness.

The behavior of certain other people is a thorn in your side. You don’t feel like putting up with just anything without objection, and because of this, you can give no guarantee you won’t end up in an argument with the person in question. Your stubborn attitude could easily provoke confrontations. At the moment, your mood is somewhat gloomy due to your…

…fear of misunderstanding.

You are fairly well convinced of your personal viewpoints, and you are certain that your needs, demands and plans are justified, but you fear others will show no understanding for them. In reality, you are often faced with misunderstanding, reserve or resistance because you are stubborn and a know-it-all. But you hardly let yourself be put off your stride. Other people show very little understanding for your…

…continuing lack of enjoyment.

You feel that difficult circumstances are limiting your ability to experience and enjoy things, and this frustrates you and makes you sensitive to every manner of restriction, demand or even criticism that some person tries to impose on you. You believe you have to fend off such intentions and to act vigorously in order to obtain what you need. You are unable to truly enjoy life due to your…

…burdensome situation of suffering.

You believe people should behave correctly, considerately and kindly towards you so that your interactions run pleasantly and without friction. Since this is frequently not the case, you often become indignant over their incorrect behavior and views or their lack of kindness. You easily get the feeling of being someone’s innocent victim and believe you have every right to be outraged. You also suffer quite a bit due to your…

…distressing want for affection.

You are disappointed because, in your opinion, you don’t receive enough physical affection and aren’t able to experience enough erotic pleasure. This could lead you to seek consolation in other sensual pleasures or to distract yourself from this feeling of want through activities you find absorbing. At best, both of these will provide you with only temporary satisfaction.

– – –

Such sorcery I swear!!!! Almost 100% accurate. At least for the first part. Deym. This is almost scary! Check out the Color Oracle in case you’re interested :3

5 Responses to “Color Oracle”

  1. Really cool, thanks for the share ! 🙂 I give it a try but I was too lazy to translate it. xD I actually find it hard to chose colors I find unplesant because it really depends for the situation as exemple : I kinda like green but some type of green make me look sick (thinking about clothes), brown clothes can be beautiful too but not on me. So I wasn’t really sure if those colors were really unpleasant for me. :/

    • Wow, you need to translate it? That’s gonna be difficult! But it’s really nice and simple, this test. The choices you make is all subconscious so you can decide if you like a certain green or not while taking it. I was really surprised with the results! It’ll be pretty interesting. Hope you can still check it out sometime :3 And thanks for reading :3

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