So today, I spent 600$ and it’s not even noon time!

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Yerpz, you read that right.


I started the day early for a Saturday because today will be a big day for me — for us. My dad woke me up at 7:30am, telling me to get ready to go to DMV. I was busy with the Kpop thingy and the Halloween event with Brett last week so I only have this day to do all the other errands. So yeah, my Dad and I went to DMV to take care of the car registration. We didn’t stay there very long, barely 15 minutes, but I managed to blow 200+ dollars off the bat already. I didn’t expect it to be that expensive! Damn!

And what annoyed me even more was that I had to pay this car for 400$ and then the owner saying how they were supposed to trash it already. LIKE SERIOUSLY? You charged us so much money for something 5 minutes away from the garbage? Wow. He could’ve given it to us instead. I spent 600 for that already, and then I still need to do oil change and fix some machine problems! So in total, I’m investing around a thousand bucks for a car that looks like this:



I just… man… I could’ve saved that money now and buy a more decent car early next year. But oh well. At this point, beggars can’t be choosers. So suck it up Lexie… It’s still a blessing. I just want to rant so I can be okay right away.


ON OTHER NEWS, our living room set and my mom’s bed came today! It was gorgeous and was the perfect size for our living room! After setting it up, we went to IKEA and bought other stuff for the house. Slowly, but surely, we’re finally building our own home. It feels great! A home of our own! In America! I know some people wouldn’t think it much but dang, having this home means so much to us so yeah… We’re so happy!

We’re wishing for a great year ahead and that the blessing keeps on pouring! Yay!

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