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And just like that, 2015 fizzled into just another year. But you know what, 2015 wasn’t so bad. In fact, I thought it was a really great year for me :3

I spent the remaining time at BT happily, working with my team. continued meeting with my old workmates in Endlessrise Inc., spent a lot of awesome time with cousins and did a lot of successful fandom projects with my fellow BoAPH!

Imagine, we participated in BoA Forest, finished a whole magazine for BoA for her 15th year anniversary in Korea, hosted a BoA gathering in November (in place of the cancelled Kpop concert in the PH) and sent BoA flowers for her Nowness concert in Japan! Dang! That’s really awesome!

I’ve been in constant contact with friends even after I left for the US. You must know that me, going back to the US, isn’t exactly the most exciting thing for me. Coz you know… not a lot of good memories the last time I was here but surprisingly, It’s been great so far!

I spent the few months that I was free traveling. I went to Canada multiple times! And then I went to fucking Cuba with 30 other people and ghad, that was amazing! I admit I got a little crazy and wouldn’t breathe a word about those stuff but dang… Good times! Also because of that, I gained 30 more friends in Canada! I always joke that I have more friends in Canada than in Chicago. HAHA! And oh, I went to California, too! Ghad do I miss California… I owed this opportunity from my two good friends — Renz and Kim.

Not just the traveling, I also attended three of the greatest weddings of 2015! The wedding of the bestfriend in April (Congrats Krys and Eric!), my friend’s wedding in August (Congrats Ate Maion and Shawn!) and my cousin’s wedding in September (Congrats Frances and Peng!).

But I still can’t believe I’ll be wearing mint clothes this many times in this lifetime but okayyyyyy. I’ll bear it coz I really enjoyed the whole event. Ghad! It still feels surreal to be an actual part of the whole wedding preparation because I did the wedding invitations and some other stuff for all three weddings :3

A-NY-WAY, one of the best things that also happened to me was getting a job at the Dental Lab because dang… I guess I was so traumatized by my old job that having an actual awesome and kind boss — who bought me a snow brush and chipper because he knows this is my first actual winter, on top of a cute cute cute mug with Starbucks gift card — is like a huge blessing from the Lord above. Ghad. My boss is so nice! I know the pay isn’t so great but I’d stay because of how he makes us all feel like a family.

Come to think of it, I really met a lot of people this year. There’s Brett who I met on OKC who is my kpop buddy here in the US. HAHA! And also Ray who may be part of my future in one way or the other. HAHA!

And oh! My mom is also here now! After about 8 months, we’re finally together! IN OUR NEW HOUSE! In the US! JFC. Who would have imagined this ever happening right? Us, having our own humble place in the US is perhaps the greatest blessing we had in 2015. So far, we’re surviving each and everyday of our new life separate from our relatives. HAHA! It’s awesome! And then I have my car now. Although old and green, it gets the job done so that’s not so bad :3

Gosh… There were just so many good things in 2015 so I’m hoping 2016 would be kind to me as well :3 I wish I get to draw and write more coz that’s the two things that I didn’t get to do much last year. Sigh… I was too into reading books nowadays so I got shifted somewhere. Oh well, I’ll try harder!


Welp, Officially starting my 13th year of blogging! I’ll try to update as much as I can! (And please don’t just die WordPress like what happened to Easyjournal. I don’t think I’ll ever be over it…)




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  1. happy new year po! 🙂

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