An Update From The Awkward Girlfriend

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The thing is, I cannot do multiple things at the same time. So what happens is, I neglect other stuff.

Like right now, I’ve been so into reading that I’ve been on hiatus when it comes to writing fanfics, making graphics and drawing! Ugh! At this rate, I’ll be really rusty in my craft. Huhu! But stupid books! So hard to put down!


But also, the weekends have been busy too coz it’s only during Saturday that Ray and I get to see each other. HAHA! And would you believe, it’s been a month since we became official!!! I know, it’s kinda pathetic to make this such an eventful thing but to me, welp, it is still something.

One month and I’m still not bored or annoyed or regretful about the whole thing! I mean, okay… I know at first I was really doubtful about this whole relationship thing when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I’ve never really constantly dated a dude I met online so I’m more guarded. And I thought it was just too quick to jump to the next level that time (although we did start talking since September or October last year).

But then again, iuno… He just kinda grew on me and ghad I can’t believe imma say this but sometimes, I even do miss him.






Imma go and hide under a rock. Goodbye world!

OMG, I can’t believe I’m saying this.


But then, under this extremely hard skin of mine who thinks she’ll never be fazed by anything or by anyone and will be happy just being by herself obssesing over BoA, I guess I was wrong after all. Maybe I was just with the wrong person at the wrong time during those time when I was in a relationship because right now, at this moment, I’m genuinely happy. HAHA! *more gagging*


And for some more updates, most of my family here in Chicago already know of him. Heck, my aunt was already telling me if I can convert him to Catholic but as if. The dude’s an atheist so… Woops. And then I met his family too! During Chinese New Year when he invited me to celebrate with them. We had an awesome feast that day omg! His dad can cook! Damn! Better than the restaurant food! All high class, damn! And we played a board and card games too. Oh, they also got me red pockets! OMG.

During regular days, we go and eat out and then movies. Sometimes we hang out here at home but it feels awkward with all my family around so we just spend the whole day outside for the most part.

Hnnggg, I forgot where I’m going on with this post but bottom line is, it’s been a happy one month. I’m not even gonna wish or hope that everyday will be the same until forever or something. I’ll just live and enjoy each day with him instead.


I guess that’s it for an update from the awkward girlfriend. Tomorrow is Saturday so we’re gonna see each other again. On Valentine’s day too, so yay!


I’m out~~

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