Macho Image… RUINED!

In Everyday, Life, Personal, Rant on February 21, 2016 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

Ugh. This is it, the thing I hate when you’re getting to know a person as a romantic interest… ATTACHMENT.



I don’t like this feeling. It makes me feel so vulnerable because all of a sudden, text messaging and phone calls aren’t enough anymore. My mood is then so affected by his presence (or the lack of it). I get disappointed. And I start caring and missing this person.


I so don’t like to be in this position so I’ve always said I’d like to be with a person in the navy/army or a sea man so I don’t get to see their faces in a while. I won’t get tangled with complicated feelings, be left with my own devices, maintain my own person AND THEN–



You really can’t control some life circumstances so maybe I should just stop being so hard on myself. Accept the fact that I can actually feel so strongly about a person. That the macho image I’ve always worn to – I guess to protect myself – could actually crumble and just give  in. Open up to all the possibilities. Love.


I’ve been so jaded about love for such a long time, liking all the wrong people and being with people I don’t feel so strongly about so now, it’s just so overwhelming and I don’t know what to do with myself.

Ugh. Guess I’ll just enjoy the ride :3

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