Such A Close Call

In Life, Personal on June 1, 2016 by lexie-chan Tagged: , ,

This will haunt me for a long long time…

I guess in a way, I’ve been very complacent about my driving to and from work that I became loose with my road discipline. 

So, after a day’s work, I drove home like usual only, I knew I was kinda sleepy. I was mentally telling myself to focus and to wake up but for a freakin’ split second, I gave in to my sleepiness and the next thing I know was my car going over the curb while I was driving about 45-50 miles on a main road and that is terribly, terribly dangerous! 


Had I not let loose of the steering wheel, I would be in an accident. And that would be an ugly circumstance to be in to because of something stupid and I really wish this won’t happen to me again! It was by luck that I’m still here to be honest but fak. That was such a close call…

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