Poor Artists…

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As if it it can’t be any worse for a Monday, I got an unexpected message from my friend.

Guess what? Another person (or a couple) is asking me for free art! Yes! Imagine, a friend of mine who haven’t texted me in forever, reminded me that they are going to get married next year so as to be practical with their expenses, they are asking for my help (along with our other friend, Josh) with their invitation!

Fabulous, right?



And as if it’s any consolation to me, he even said that it’ll look great on my Deviantart (the artwork they’re asking for me to do) as if I even go  and post there anymore like–


My mom didn’t send me to an expensive art school, and have more than half of my life dedicated to the arts, for people to ask me free stuff. I really think they have noooo idea just how hard it is just to come up with something, especially when I’m already so detached to a project they just shove on my face, for their own convenience.

It’s hard.

And annoying.

And a total waste of my precious time when I could’ve used it for something that could make me happy instead.


I mean, just recently, my aunt asked me to help out with their fundraising project and while I’m okay to help, ASKING MORE THAT 15 UNIQUE ADS AND PARAPHERNALIA FOR THIS EVENT SEEMS TO BE TOO MUCH TO BE A FREE LABOR. Is that even fair??? I didn’t expect they’ll ask me so much, too. And all I got was a free entrance fee like what the fuck! The entrance fee isn’t even enough to cover one graphic commission unless I’m giving them half off like–

I’m so bitter about it!!!


There’s also an instance when I got played.

I have no desire taking on a project at first. I was merely looking over what my cousin have made so far and just cited a few suggestions and she was like, “Cuz, can you make me my wedding invitation? I’ll pay you.

And as a person who was unemployed and just got back in the US at the time, I said yes. After all, it was still a paid gig.


But lo and behold, after a gruesome-back-and-forth-revision-and-shit, she didn’t pay me a single cent nor mentioned her thanks for all the help I did. I know that sounded totally petty but come ooooonnnn! A little recognition wouldn’t be so hard in comparison to what I did. Fak, even my best friend mentioned my name and thanked me for helping out with her invitations, and that you can totally feel how grateful she was with the help, you know? Like, it made me so proud of me, too. And they treated me to many perks, too omg… I’m not even worthy…


Oh, there’s also this story.

During those time I was in a limbo, feeling like a total failure because of nursing, this guy, my friend’s boyfriend, ridiculed me for giving up a high paying job to pursue the arts and what do you know, years later, I made a wedding card and graphics for their wedding!


(To be fair, it was the wife who asked me specifically but still, this concerns him too! And at least they have the decency to reciprocate the trade by buying my plane ticket to LA so it wasn’t at all bad. And they were easy customers.)


So I guess what I’m getting at here is that the same people who say there’s no money in art is the SAME people who wouldn’t pay for it.

It’s so fucked up and I hate it and I hope they all disappear from the face of the earth like ughhhh!

Poor fellow artists…



I still haven’t replied to this current art request. It’s not very mature but I’m playing the passive-aggressive game coz as if I can decline this… If only there weren’t any personal feelings involved then this will be so much easier for me. But they’re my friends



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